NOTE: This area is for ASF Full Members to sell Parts etc with all other members. This is not a place for businesses to sell their items to make a profit or get FREE personal sales.

This is due to abuse of this area. If you value the forum and it's members you will soon realise this only effects people who want something for nothing.

You can get full access of the sales area by becoming a Full ASF Member which gives you 10 posts instantly (see top right of forum: FULL MEMBERSHIP link: and then abide the rules at the bottom of this page.

ALL new sales posts are moderated by admin to be sure the posts are from genuine ASF Full Members and also to ensure the area is not being abused as a sales tool. The posts will be approved or denied ASAP by admins based on sales area guidelines so you know the outcome.

Thank you for understanding and we hope you benefit from some great deals offered by fellow members.

*Sales Area Guidelines:

Full Members ($20+ donation):
Moderated sales posts.
3 Item sales per calendar month, per calendar year
After that:
$5 per item

Business Member (minimum advertising package as per option - Unlimited sales per advertising year.