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Thread: Cyclone Ita

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    Cyclone Ita

    Good luck guys.

    Put the bikes in the house and get a pic if you dare to stick you head out the front door.

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    It looks ugly, just like our members. Good luck everybody affected
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    Good luck fella's. Being North of Carin's it will be different than the last couple with the onshore winds and storm surge
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    Lost contact with a close mate on Lizard Island about an hour ago. It was raining prawns at the time. Sad thing is,he is heavily fucked up from LSD and thrives on the elements. Also got 3 mates on a trawler north east of Cape Trib.Huge boat and they have been thru many before.They reckon ya better off at Sea. Gotta love Qld.

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    ach were getting its tail down here atm no real wind just heaps of the wet stuff ...just like a summers day in scotland lol

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