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Spondon/GIA Hayabusa Build, Import Rules & Red Tape From the UK

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Yeah its possible mate and that info there is the most recent info that is 100% fact as I have just done it. There are tonnes of cunts out there who think they know all the ins and outs because "a mate" imported a bike ten year ago ha ha ha. It sounds a drama but its really not once you know what to do, I had to work it out for myself the bastard.
The fellas at imports basically told me all the ways around the red tape which I really did not expect, I was rattled at first as all I was being told was "you cant import a frame" "you cant import an incomplete bike" "you can not import a whole newish bike" which demoralized me then luckily one imports fella said "no VIN numbers then it is motorcycle parts and you can send it in the post" and I took that info from there and he done more research and told me all the red tape bolloks about the wheels and forks and separate postal ships etc, and it is 100% legal and above board. They were a bit unsure of the rules themselves at first when it came to this as people dont normally import a bike to be an ICV its normally a kit car but the same rules apply and it falls under the same banner.
Another cock up of mine was ...... I was always going to buy a fully operational donor bike for the build. By having a donor bike with rego and all that I thought that this would fall under the "Modify a motorcycle permit" to which I applied at the 11th hour (after the rolling chassis arrived) and they said you cant do it, I shit myself!!! The fella explained that this falls under the category of a ICV - Individually Constructed Vehicle to which I have to apply for a permit to build a one BUT DO NOT GET ANYTHING MANUFACTURED OR BUILT OR SENT TO AUSTRALIA WITHOUT KNOWING YOU CAN LEGALLY BUILD IT.
I was like Erm............. so I filled in the 30+ page application form explaining every single mod/jobby that would be on the bike along with photos of what it will look like, they were rattled that I had already had it built and it was in my living room. So a few weeks past, I had word that it needed an engineers certificate off the builder which I had fucking lost, so I got another one sent and then I got the approval and for your info "Shannons" insurance have insured it while it is getting built, no others would touch it.
The most important things are not to have the frame on the same postal ship as the wheels and forks and no VIN numbers on the frame. Also I do not want to say too much but lets just say the more value you say your parts are worth on the import tax statement means the more import tax u pay, u get me?