How to: Swap your front stem to accept new front end.

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Here is a brilliant pictorial based example as posted by aaa123:

2012 CBR1000RR stem will not fit the VTR frame as it is to large at the top bearing.

I got a SP1 lower triple clamp.

SP1 lower triple on left, CBR lower triple on right,

SP1 & CBR have same size lower bearing & dust seal, so I took a guesstimate that a stem swap would work.

Pressed the stems out,

Then pressed SP1 stem into CBR lower triple clamp,

VTR lower stem bearing is 17mm thick, SP1 lower bearing is 14mm thick, so I had a 3mm spacer machined up to fit into the VTR frame,

SP1 upper stem is to small for CBR upper triple clamp, so had a spacer machined for that,