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If youve been enjoying the new blog area on ASF and you want to access it where ever you are then this is going to please you.

At the top of the main page you will see a banner that says
Recent Blogs Posts"........... on the same line, but on the right side of the page there is a small orange icon that is an RSS reader.

All you have to do is install an RSS reader app on your iphone, blackberry, android etc, and follow the instructions how to add an address, then you can instantly access the ASF blog area, including photos posted.

So there you have it, no matter if you are on a train or the dunny, you will always have something interesting to read from your favorite Streetfighter website Aussie Streetfighters.


  1. Gix11's Avatar
    Mate, you know more about this site than I do!
  2. CBRRRT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gix11
    Mate, you know more about this site than I do!
    I dont get out much Si, lol.
  3. sen's Avatar
    If people don't want to download an app for their phone, but already have a Google account (Gmail, etc)... try http://reader.google.com ... it's a web-based RSS reader that works on all mobile phones too.

    So basically you go to http://reader.google.com, sign in with your Gmail details, then click "Subscribe" and add this to the box:


    Then from now on just go to http://reader.google.com with your mobile phone's web browser and you have all the ASF blog posts :)