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  1. Spondon/GIA Hayabusa Build, Import Rules & Red Tape From the UK

    Yeah its possible mate and that info there is the most recent info that is 100% fact as I have just done it. There are tonnes of cunts out there who think they know all the ins and outs because "a mate" imported a bike ten year ago ha ha ha. It sounds a drama but its really not once you know what to do, I had to work it out for myself the bastard.
    The fellas at imports basically told me all the ways around the red tape which I really did not expect, I was rattled at first as all ...
  2. Motorcycle Tyre Warehouse Balancing Explained Easy

  3. How to: Swap your front stem to accept new front end.

    Here is a brilliant pictorial based example as posted by aaa123:

    2012 CBR1000RR stem will not fit the VTR frame as it is to large at the top bearing.

    I got a SP1 lower triple clamp.

    SP1 lower triple on left, CBR lower triple on right,

    HOW TO
  4. The rise of Felix the fixture table....

    Felix the fixture table is still growing but soon he will be firm and strong. He is the bastard child sprung into life when Larry the lift defiled the lovely and sturdy Jenny the jig table. Some said thier love would never work but like any good breeder I am working all out to see thier progeny bloom.

    So lets meet the family

    This is Larry, when I found him he was in such a bad way his last owners where sadly shiping him off to the great scrap yard in the ...

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  5. Been a while since there's been a 1770 ride

    Got shit loads to do before my wedding / 50th birthday weekend
    in a couple of weeks time, but should be up there Saturday night.
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