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  1. How to: Swap your front stem to accept new front end.

    Here is a brilliant pictorial based example as posted by aaa123:

    2012 CBR1000RR stem will not fit the VTR frame as it is to large at the top bearing.

    I got a SP1 lower triple clamp.

    SP1 lower triple on left, CBR lower triple on right,

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  2. Adding a video to your post.

    Add video by clicking on the following symbol: Name:  video.png
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Size:  625 Bytes or just putting [ video ] and [ /video ] (without the spaces) around the URL of the video.

    The URL is the address of the page you are on when viewing a video.


    You can also get this addrtess by clicking the "Share" button under the video window in Youtube. Make sure the code is highlighted blue then click CTRL and C at the same ...
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  3. Carburetor Tuning Guidelines

    Okay, I've been doing some digging and I've found my hard copy of Carburetor Tuning Guidelines.

    To all people out there with carburetors IMO this is one of the most important pages you will read.

    Feel free to make a hard copy and keep it close to your tool box. It will come in handy.


  4. How to "make a water cooled GSXR 7/11 "

    How to "make a water cooled GSXR 7/11 " - Submitted by Deano (Dean Molloy)
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  5. How to "advance ignition yourself"

    How to "advance ignition yourself " - Submitted by Cruisecontrol (Daniel M)

    Ignition Advancer

    Regarding the ignition advancer, just do it yourself. It is a very quick and simple mod that won't cost a cent.

    Step 1: Remove the Signal Generator Cover (right/front engine cover).

    Step 2: Remove the trigger rotor by removing the bolt in the center.

    Step 3: Remove the 3 screws holding the ignition plate and loosen
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