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  1. Toce brothers slash cut end cans

    If like me you have glued an R1 arse on to your ride then you might be interested in these

    This is the Toca Bro's replacement end cans for the R1 zorst among othsrs

    The Toce Brothers Performance ...
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  2. 2005 R1 sub-frame on a 1996 blade

    Not really so much of a how to, but more of a what I did

    After a lot of messing about with proping the sub-frame, and getting the angle just right I was able to make templates
    from a couple of bit of serial box.

    I drew round them and added a few dims, so now you dont have to mess about with bits of string and stuff like that.
    all you have to do is copy the template to your pix, print it ...
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  3. Koso db-01 speedo


    I fitted a set of new KOSO clocks to my blade and all was fine untill I came to the setup of the RPM. I entred my blade was a 4 stroke 4 piston but the RPM guage was way out

    I had a play with the piston setting and the penny finally droped.
    So here we go.

    The whole piston thing is a little confusing because my 918 Fireblade has 4.

    Its not how many ...
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  4. Running a break line through a single sided swing arm

    I found a company on the interweb the other week that do break lines that can be assembeled at home and it got me thinking.
    How nice would it look if I had my rear line going through my swing arm??
    So I went about ordering the bits I needed from Venhill lines from Dorking in Surrey and had a chat with a very nice lady called Caroline and she put me right on all the bits I would need.
    The first thing she told me I didnt know was that the pitch on the banjo bolts ...
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  5. How to refinish a wheel at a fraction of the pro costs

    I did a car wheel conversion to my SSSA and used an Inovit Concept wheel in silver.
    And very pleased I was with it if I say so myself. Problem was I still had that scratched black front wheel.
    I was thinking of getting it refinished in two pack or powdercoat when I came across a thread on another site about doing it your self and save between 60 to 80 quid per wheel.


    First thing the guy advised was ...
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