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  1. Carburetor Tuning Guidelines

    Okay, I've been doing some digging and I've found my hard copy of Carburetor Tuning Guidelines.

    To all people out there with carburetors IMO this is one of the most important pages you will read.

    Feel free to make a hard copy and keep it close to your tool box. It will come in handy.


  2. Tyre Spotlight - Dunlop Sportmax Sportsmart



    DUNLOP Sportmax SportSmart

    Imagine you've been given the chance to design your own sports tyre. What features would it have? Race-quality grip? Wet-roads predictability? Touring Mileage? How about all three features in one tyre?

  3. Motorcycle Tyre Warehouse - New 2012 Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier

    Just thought I should pop my head in here and give you the heads up on the latest tyre in the Dunlop Sportmax range.

    This is about the New 2012 Dunlop Sportmax Qualifiers.

    These are Dunlop's answer to a performance tyre that will do everything that a sports bike is asked to do from hitting the hills to taking you to work and as an added plus they

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  4. Toce brothers slash cut end cans

    If like me you have glued an R1 arse on to your ride then you might be interested in these

    This is the Toca Bro's replacement end cans for the R1 zorst among othsrs

    The Toce Brothers Performance ...
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  5. Koso db-01 speedo


    I fitted a set of new KOSO clocks to my blade and all was fine untill I came to the setup of the RPM. I entred my blade was a 4 stroke 4 piston but the RPM guage was way out

    I had a play with the piston setting and the penny finally droped.
    So here we go.

    The whole piston thing is a little confusing because my 918 Fireblade has 4.

    Its not how many ...
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