1. Blogs to your phone

    If youve been enjoying the new blog area on ASF and you want to access it where ever you are then this is going to please you.

    At the top of the main page you will see a banner that says
    Recent Blogs Posts"........... on the same line, but on the right side of the page there is a small orange icon that is an RSS reader.

    All you have to do is install an RSS reader app on your iphone, blackberry, android etc, and follow the instructions how to add an address, then you ...
  2. Casting a seat from a fiberglass mould

    Now I have my mould I need to prep it ready for fiberglassing. I started with 240 wet and dry then went to
    400, 600, and finished up with 1200 then T cut to get it as shiney inside as I could
    Now ten coats of wax.

    Well, the mold has had ten coats of wax, and its ready for P.V.A.

    Because the surface has been ...
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  3. How to make a fiberglass seat mould.

    First I'm going to make up a form for the pod I will cast then graft onto the pan. The MDF form will be filled with expanding foam then sanded into shape and fine filled.

    From this I will take a cast and produce a mould to reproduce the finished pod.

    Shape looks right

    As does the height.

    Ok, ...

    Updated 21-12-2011 at 06:53 AM by CBRRRT

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  4. Toce brothers slash cut end cans

    If like me you have glued an R1 arse on to your ride then you might be interested in these

    This is the Toca Bro's replacement end cans for the R1 zorst among othsrs

    The Toce Brothers Performance ...
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  5. 2005 R1 sub-frame on a 1996 blade

    Not really so much of a how to, but more of a what I did

    After a lot of messing about with proping the sub-frame, and getting the angle just right I was able to make templates
    from a couple of bit of serial box.

    I drew round them and added a few dims, so now you dont have to mess about with bits of string and stuff like that.
    all you have to do is copy the template to your pix, print it ...
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