View Full Version : ex terratorian is scott white still raceing

17-06-2008, 08:35 PM
im an ex terratorian went to darwin high and sanderson high.i love the fact streetfighters are alive in darwin makes me want to come back,i used to go to hidden valley drags in the 80's and scott(get it right)white used to drag a suzuki and was sponserd by the local err umm bordello???is he still racing and wat about derek speror and knocker renfry( a lc gtr then called the underdog) and the genral and also badnews an 2 door escort very slick opps got off on the wrong track they were the good ol days,i did the longest burnout in my hq ls monaro on berrimah rd down the bottom were we used to street race did the full 1/4mile and some a bloody wicked burnout opps im of again
so anyone here from high school in darwin from the mid 80's

18-06-2008, 10:53 AM
I believe Scott white is still racing,now with a full blown pro-stock 'Busa setup, as opposed to the Gsx based bikes he's had before. Broke into the 7's not long ago.
Bad News is still doin it, don't know about Derek, and everyone who is some kind of racer has heard of Knocker Renfry, but I can't update you.

18-06-2008, 07:56 PM
yeh trust me kocker was or is an legend after the blown lc he got the old tony wedlock lx hatchback,badnews is so cool a bloody great car back in the 80's .scott whites leathers were whitewell dir on that one and purple !is he still sponser5d by the brothal??and old mate of mine used to be the president of the king cobra hot rod club with used to run the drags in the 90's darren savage.is he still doing it ?
and the mad bastard on the v8 bikes always crashing or blowing up
then there is animal a silver hq coupe and spooky a ht or g monaro man this is brinning back memorries