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Thread: locksmith in perth

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    locksmith in perth


    Just took my new project kawasaki balius for a ride and at some point the key has fallen out of the ignition. retraced my steps and cant see it anywhere. Can a locksmith make a key that will suit the seat, fuel tank and ignition? Does anyone know a good locksmith in Perth?


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    I think you'll need to contact Kawasaki with the VIN and they can get you a new key.

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    pulled the helmet lock off and took it krazy keys in bibra lake and they made a new key for me.
    Kawasaki was no help at all

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    Mite be easier to swap the ignition over
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    For this vintage the helmet lock, seat lock, fuel tank and ignition all run the same key but only the ignition and helmet lock use all of key.

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