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Thread: Full leather suit - what to get?

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    Full leather suit - what to get?

    I would like to go to an advanced rider course and then possibly a track day or two in the future.

    With that being said i will need to purchase a full leather suit. Now as it will only beel used 2 or 3 times a year i dont want to be paying big money.

    Just wondering what people recommened is a decent quality product that is easy on the pocket.

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    My last suit was a Collins and I was very happy with the quality for a pretty good price. Certainly a lot better than your mid-range Dianese etc

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    I personally just hire the suit for the day from the people running the ride day.
    Works out cheaper for the amount of times I go.

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    You can get some good deals from MCAS at teh Barry sheene festival they had new RJay suits for $200 on sale, I picked up a Dainese 2 piece for $850 very happy with that. Or grab one off Ebay I got a RJay suit for $50 was average but did what I needed I have seen some good deals lately
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    Yeah i have brought all my other gear from MCAS. I really need to try the suits on as im 6'2 and only 73kgs so fitment may be any issue.

    But i will keep my eye out for sales.

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    Buy a zip of together 2 piece suit.
    And eat some pies.
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    If you're still looking Shark have track kits on sale inc gloves boots and suit for $599

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowzone View Post
    If you're still looking Shark have track kits on sale inc gloves boots and suit for $599
    That's a very good price! Ima look into that
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    ive got an A* 2 piece and a something else 1 piece. they're both good. the 2 piece was about 600 on special and the 1 piece i paid 100 from a mate.

    The 2 piece is for my road riding and the 1 piece is for track/motard... so a lot of falling off going on on those suckers.

    if you're not going to use it much just get something second hand and cheap.
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    Old thread, though I must say that a full leather suit is a nice investment especially if you are a trackday racer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjanson7 View Post
    Old thread, though I must say that a full leather suit is a nice investment especially if you are a trackdayracer.
    I prefer the two piece zip together, gives me the best of both worlds.

    I have a Teknic two piece which is perfect for the odd track day and everyday riding.

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    I had both and the one time I used the one-piece for a full-day road ride was exactly that - one time. Pain in the arse for the road.

    I agree, for trackday/racer use it's the way to go, but two-piece for road.

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