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    That is fucked! How did they get hold of it?

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    Briz, or where ever fate takes me. Australia.
    I went away for work for 3 weeks, and had three bike parked side by side in my car port beside the house.
    Second in command woke up easter Saturday to find it gone.
    I've got so much shit in my shed that I couldn't fit the bike's in. Well fuck me there's room now, I can tell you that.
    I'm scratching my head about the steering lock. ....
    The other 2 bikes were locked. ..did I forget ????? I don't think so. They took the bike cover too.
    I live in a cul-de-sac, with a sloping driveway, that leads to a down hill secondary street.
    Is it someone close by....did they have a trailer or a van.....
    They've obviously been watching me knowing I wasn't there.
    They knew what they were doing, as it was raining easter Friday night/Saturday morning, so masked by rain noise.

    So now...homeland style security. Coming on my property without consent, may lead to bad things.
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