Who's in the know, who they absolutely "trust", to blue print an engine in Brisbane?
Had one of my Bandits built about 3-4 years ago, to someone that was recommended, and I've never been happy with the out come, and the engine had always been noisy, and it only seems to be getting worse. I'm going to pull it apart, if I get a bad result after an oil analysis.
I want the engine tolerances to be perfect. It was played with, at 170 000k's. It actually didn't need rebuilding, I decided to go for a 1216 kit, with gix cams. It goes alright, but nothing special, that's for sure. My stock gen 1 Bandit, gives it a good go in, "some situations". When it was apart, I went all out, with basically all new parts throughout the engine and gearbox. Nothing was left to chance. 30 000k's on, and it sounds fucked!!!!! Like somethings badly worn in the top end
Had the rocker cover off, checked valve clearances, cams and rockers, and all seem fine. Cam chain is good. Last oil change, on the magnetic plug, it had allot more shit on it than usual(oil changed every 3000km religiously)
So like I say, if the analysis comes back saying, "dear sir, your engines fucked", it's coming apart.
I'll pull it apart this time, and reassemble, but I'm not doing maching tolerances. I need someone that is absolutely trusted !!!

Cheers all, John.