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3 things I have ascertained from this thread:

1. Steve is a legend. People like him are hard to find these days, especially on the Gold Coast. Glad they still exist over there. I would definitely frequent his store if I was over there.

2. Cheezels are the sort of thing Large eats. Finding one in my shed on a normal day would be disappointing; finding one in hundreds of photos would be hell. If you actually did set up a Cheezel in every photo you took, then you are madder than a square spoon.

3. I've never had any doubt (since long before this build), but Tom; you're a complete champion mate. You get things done, lots of things; you put up with other people's shit which they selfishly land on you, and you prove that the human spirit can get you anywhere if you give it a chance. Thanks again for this thread mate.
Thankyou Si for persisting with ASF and giving cunts like me somewhere to post our shit, good, bad and indifferent! I cant wait to get the smoker done and get building my next project, i think you guys will like it.

Thanks guys for the positive vibes and feedback. Let the badness begin again!