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Thread: Photofucket.

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    No problem mate. Just get in touch when you can. Cheers.

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    Cant seem to do the link images. Mite be the app
    Ladies and Gentelmen, take my advise. "Pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

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    Quote Originally Posted by sen View Post
    That ~original trick wont work for long, but it'll give you time to rehost the images. It just tricks their URL detection into thinking it's not a direct link to a .jpg, but as soon as enough people do it and it shows up in their logs, they'll fix it.

    Rehosting to imgur is your best bet for now, but they've also shown they're desperate for money and trying various user-hostile tactics lately.

    Trusting some random company to look after your images forever for free was never going to last. The only truly future-proof way to protect forum images is for forums to host their own images. It's not expensive/hard anymore, it just requires customising the forums a bit.
    Please don't think I know anything but you'd have to have a mother fkn kick arse Server to host the forum pics surely ???

    Every year I was scrambling with having to find more Server space just with damn Outlook (gone web based now!!)

    Everyone is realising Data is worth $$$$$$ by the look of it, money for Jam if you have the gear.

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    Server space has actually gotten cheaper but yes there's a bit of a transition happening.

    All the people who whinged about the NBN as a waste of taxpayer funds to allow people to watch movies and surf the net had no idea of the value of data, which increases exponentially by volume every year. Connectivity is an economic driver these days.

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