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    Another gs450 build

    I found your lil corner of the web after doing a search for gs450 stuff.

    I'm hoping to turn what I've got into something practical and not too shitty looking.

    First up a question. The gs450 has a 4 valve head. Now apparently you can fit a gsx400 unti onto it without TOO much fartarsing around... Does anyone know if it's possible to slot some larger valves into a gsx250 head and use that instead?? I've got a complete gsx250 here and I'm not likely to use it for anything in a hurry so if I can thieve the head and a few other bits off it, so much the better...

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    Hi mate. Welcome aboard.
    The forum is due for an upgrade and things are playing up a bit at the moment, so I hope you can read this!

    Anyway, I don't have your answer but someone will probably be along soon that knows.


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    Welcome mate. Sorry, no help to you on your question though
    Live today, die tomorrow

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