View Poll Results: Vote for the ASF "Streetfighter of the month" Mar 2013

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  • XA Mont's Aprilia

    15 28.30%
  • Hyofighter's "Trench Wench"

    13 24.53%
  • Marduk's ZX12R "The Meanie"

    6 11.32%
  • Street1428's Awesome EF

    19 35.85%
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Thread: MARCH 2013 SFOTM (ASF Streetfighter of the month) - VOTE!

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    congrats street1428

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    What The...?

    Thats the trouble with reality........not everyone participates

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    AHOY, and thanks for the Congrats!
    I feel a little humbled rite now, as like I mentioned when I nominated her, I didnt think she really fitted the criteria as a Streetfighter, but its great to see that people can appreciate the effort that goes into such a bike, (mind you, no lesser effort was put into any other which was nominated in my eyes)!!
    Personally, Im a bit of a fan of Marduks ZX12R, and the Aprillia; Hyo's Trench Wench would be a wicked ride, especially on the dirt (she brings back memories of working at C+D Motorcycles with Clarry Jones back in the 90's here in Adelaide) but Im afraid Im too much of a Nancy Boi to go like stink on the Gravel, I prefer my AG Bike up on the Farm..... thats about as fast as it gets for me on the Dirt!!
    Anyways, well done everyone, some great builds for us to see again!
    Keep tha Rev's up!

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