This had to happen thanks to certain individuals that want to screw up everything for the good guys.

The items and bikes for sale in this forum are done so on behalf of the members concerned, ASF has nothing to do with the items being sold. This area was put here as a service to like minded guys trying to source parts or get rid of unwanted items. Due to idiots abusing the good hearted efforts of the members I have to warn everybody that they should feel confident in any sales or purchases so I would recommend doing some research on the member buying or selling the item. Regulars will be aware of newcomers and it is up to them whether they want to trust the person they are dealing with.

As with all things in life, there are low life scum out there who have no respect for anything except their pathetic little lives, so please feel free to trade in this area but be warned, there is nothing we can do about scammers.

On a good note: Out of 3 years of people trading on this site we only have one case of fraud which warranted this warning.