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    The 80's
    Wheres Surt? He should have had 300 youtube links on here by now

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    sydney, nsw, Australia.
    does it need to be external gitzys can i send you one out of my case so you can load it up with music and you can take any of the stuff off it if ya like its got about 850gig on it.

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    quote:Originally posted by thepj

    does it need to be external gitzys can i send you one out of my case so you can load it up with music and you can take any of the stuff off it if ya like its got about 850gig on it.
    Yeah that should be ok mate, i have the gear to hook it up..

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    mate metalica for me lovvveeee it all .
    ac/dc even the new "sorry zooks"
    ozzy osborne"bark at the moon "
    iron maiden
    white snake
    hill top hoods hilla top hilla hilla top "fucking great sound to!!
    jeff buckley
    well you get the picture!!
    fed up with people who dont!!
    fed up with people who do !!
    cant stand people who know everything?

    then do as i do ??

    act like a fuck wit and ride like a twat!!

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    quote:Originally posted by Weaselman


    In the mood for electro...
    good one!
    like my signature?

    im hanging out to get a copy of the new lcd soundsystem

    was mainly bloody beetroots on friday (a mix of theres from the Destroy cd)
    Rev the fucker!!!!!

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    Mackay, QLD, Australia.
    Dead Kennedys[8D][^]

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    Gladstone, QLD, .

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    gold coast, queensland, Australia.
    demons and wizards (NOT uriah heep)
    the crimson king


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    quote:Originally posted by fimpBIKES

    quote:Originally posted by Weaselman


    In the mood for electro...
    good one!
    like my signature?

    im hanging out to get a copy of the new lcd soundsystem

    was mainly bloody beetroots on friday (a mix of theres from the Destroy cd)
    Weasel, im surprised! I rekon Deadmau5 is sik!
    How good is that Destroy CD hey Fimp! Love Beetroots!
    I'v got a Vicious Cuts mix cd on at the moment. Plus a steady selection of trance n Hardstyle to keep me pumped!
    That & a heap of 90's hip-hop! Good shit!

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    Mt Cotton, Qld, Australia.
    Slipknot, Mudvane, Soulfly, Days of the new, drowning pool and spice girls... 8)
    Ladies and Gentelmen, take my advise. "Pull down your pants and slide on the ice."

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    Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.
    Killswitch Engage, Austrian death machine, Trivium, Devildriver, Tool, and Bullet for my valentine! can't beat it!!

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    Sydney, NSW, Australia.
    Other than my little girl crying,
    Temple of the dog,
    Just to name a few[8D]

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    Seems like a lot of us have similar tastes in music as well as bikes.
    I Just finished listening to System of A Down's "Mezmerize and Hypnotize" haven't listened to them for ages

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    Skidney, Slidney, Sidernee etc, NSW, Guadeloupe.
    Been listening to Carpathian, Leftover Crack, Alice in Chains, Aphex Twin, Down, NoFX and Parkway Drive.
    Everyone at work hates it so tomorrow they are copping every Lamb of God album.

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    Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
    A Ravens Forest\2004 - Werewolve Chants
    Abigor\1994 - Verwustung - Invoke The Dark Age
    Abigor\1994 - Orkblut
    Abigor\1995 - Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom)
    Abigor\1996 - Opus IX
    Abigor\1997 - Apokalypse
    Abigor\1998 - Orgio Regium
    Abigor\1998 - Structures of Immortality EP
    Abigor\1998 - Supreme Immortal Art
    Abigor\1999 - Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan
    Abigor\2000 - In Memory
    Abigor\2001 - Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity)
    Aborym\1993 - Worshipping Damned Souls [demo]
    Aborym\1999 - Kali Yuga Bizzare
    Aborym\2001 - Fire Walk With Us
    Aborym\2003 - With No Human Intervention
    Absu\1995 - The Sun Of Tiphareth
    Absu\2001 - Tara
    Absurd\1992 - Gods Death [Promo]
    Absurd\1993 - death from the forest
    Absurd\1994 - Gods Death
    Absurd\1994 - Out Of the Dungeons
    Absurd\1995 - Thuringian Pagan Madness-ltd.ed.demo
    Absurd\1996 - Facta Luquuntur
    Absurd\1996 - Heldentum Split
    Absurd\1996 - Totenburg
    Absurd\2001 - Werwolfthron
    Absurd\2002 - Asgardsrei (LpVersion)
    Absurd\2002 - Facta Loquuntur-Reissue
    Absurd\2002 - Pantheon split
    Absurd\2003 - Totenlieder
    Absurd\2004 - Raubritte
    Absurd\2005 - Blutgericht
    Absurd\2005 e.p. - Grimmige Volksmusik
    Abusiveness\1997 - Dwie Twarze Mroku [demo]
    Abusiveness\2001 e.p. - Wieczny powrot
    Abysmal Dawn\2006 - From Ashes
    Abyssic Hate\1994 - Cleasing Of An Ancient Race (demo)
    Abyssic Hate\1995 - Depression (demo )
    Abyssic Hate\1996 - Life Is A Pain In The Neck (demo)
    Abyssic Hate\1997 - Det Hedenske Folk Split
    Abyssic Hate\1998 - Eternal Damnation
    Abyssic Hate\1999 - Betrayed (demo)
    Abyssic Hate\2000 - Suicidal Emotions
    Abyssic Hate\2006 - A Decade Of Hate
    AC/DC\1970s - Bonfire boxset\cd1
    AC/DC\1970s - Bonfire boxset\cd2\part1
    AC/DC\1970s - Bonfire boxset\cd2\part2
    AC/DC\1970s - Bonfire boxset\cd3
    AC/DC\1974 - Jailbreak
    AC/DC\1975 - T.N.T
    AC/DC\1976 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    AC/DC\1977 - Let There Be Rock
    AC/DC\1978 - If You Want Blood You've Got It
    AC/DC\1978 - Powerage
    AC/DC\1979 - Highway To Hell
    AC/DC\1980 - Back In Black
    AC/DC\1981 - For Those About To Rock
    AC/DC\1983 - Flick Of The Switch
    AC/DC\1985 - Fly On The Wall
    AC/DC\1986 - Who Made Who
    AC/DC\1988 - Blow Up Your Video
    AC/DC\1990 - The Razors Edge
    AC/DC\1995 - Ballbreaker
    AC/DC\Bon Scott Rarities
    Accept\1979 - Accept
    Accept\1980 - I'm A Rebel
    Accept\1981 - Breaker
    Accept\1982 - Restless And Wild
    Accept\1983 - Balls To The Wall
    Accept\1985 - Metal Heart
    Accept\1986 - Russian Roulette
    Accept\1992 - Objection Overruled
    Accept\1994 - Death Row
    Accept\1996 - Predator
    Ad Hominem & Cantus Bestiae - 2002 - Mankind's Suicide
    Adaro\2002 - Minnenspiel
    Adaro\2002 - Minnenspiel\(2002) Minnenspiel
    Adoniram - 2005 - Мой Демон
    Adorned Brood\1996 - Hiltia
    Adorned Brood\1998 - Wigand
    Adorned Brood\2000 - Asgard
    Adorned Brood\2002 - Erdenkraft
    Adorned Brood\2006 - Heldentat
    Adultery\2003 - Age Of Winter Kings
    Adversus\2002 - Winter, so unsagbar Winter
    Adversus\2005 - Einer Nacht Gewesenes
    Advocatus Diaboli
    Aeba\1995 - The Rising
    Aeba\1997 - Im Schattenreich
    Aeba\1999 - Flammenmanifest
    Aeba\2001 - Rebellion Edens Asche
    Aeba\2004 - Shemhamforash - Des Hasses Antlitz
    Aegir - 2001 - Frostnatt
    Aes Dana\2001 - La Chasse Sauvage
    Aes Dana\2005 - Formors
    Aeternus - 1998 - ... And So the Night Became
    Aetherius Obscuritas (Hun)\2006 - Layae Bolcsoje
    Agalloch\1996 - From Which of This Oak - (demo)
    Agalloch\1999 - Pale Folklore
    Agalloch\2001 - Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor - (mcd)
    Agalloch\2002 - The Mantle
    Agalloch\2003 - Tomorrow Will Never Come-EP
    Agalloch\2004 - Nest Split - The Wolves of Timberline
    Agalloch\2004 e.p. - The Grey
    Agalloch\2006 - Ashes Against The Grain
    Agares\2004 - Hymns Of Freedom
    Agathodaimon\1999 - Higher Art of Rebellion
    Agathodaimon\2001 - Chapter III
    Agathodaimon\2004 - Serpent's Embrace
    Ahnenstahl - 2006 - Zwischen Tod und Leben
    Aisling - 2006 - Aisling - Trath Na Gaoth
    Ajattara\2001 - Itse
    Ajattara\2003 - Kuolema
    Ajattara\2006 - Sika
    Akercocke\1999 - Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene
    Akercocke\2001 - The goat of mendes
    Akercocke\2003 - ‘horonzon
    Akercocke\2005 - Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone
    Akhenaton [Fra]\1995 - Divine Symphonies
    Akitsa [Can]\2000 - Totale Servitude (Demo Re-Release)
    Akitsa [Can]\2001 - Goetie
    Akitsa [Can]\2001 - Song of Melkor Split - L'Aube Misanthropique
    Akitsa [Can]\2002 - Sang Nordique
    Akitsa [Can]\2004 [1] e.p. - Soleil Noir
    Akitsa [Can]\2004 [2] - The Shadow Order Split
    Akitsa [Can]\2005 - Thesyre Split
    Akitsa [Can]\2006 - La Grande Infamie
    Alastis\1994 - The Just Law
    Alastis\1996 - The Other Side
    Alastis\1998 - Revenge
    Alastis\2001 - Unity
    Alastor [Aut] - 2006 - Silva Nordica
    Alastor [Ita] - The Infernal Executioner
    Alghazanth\2000 - Subliminal Antenora
    Alghazanth\2001 - Osiris-Typhon Unmasked
    Algol(US) - 2000 - Gorgonus Aura
    Algor\2003 - uder Pohanskeho Hnevu
    Alkonost\1997 - Shadows Of Glory (Demo)
    Alkonost\2000 - Songs Of The Eternal Oak
    Alkonost\2000 - Spirit Tending To Revolt (Demo)
    Alkonost\2001 - 2001 - Неведомые Земли
    Alkonost\2001 - Memoris
    Alkonost\2002 - Alkonost
    Alkonost\2004 - Between The Worlds
    Alkonost\2004 e.p. - Родная Земля
    Alkonost\2006 - Межмирье
    Alkonost\2006 - Путь Непройденный
    Alkonost\2007 - Песни вечного древа
    Allegiance (Swe)\1996 - Hymn Till Hangagud
    Allegiance (Swe)\1997 - Blodornsoffer
    Allegiance (Swe)\1999 - Vrede
    Allfather - 2000 - Allfather
    Allfather - 2001 - Nebron & Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse & Gnostic Split - Lead Us Into War and Final Glory
    Altar Shadows\2007 - Speckledy Falcons
    Amarok -2005 - Unholy Uprising (Demo)
    Amestigon\1996 - Angizia Split
    Amestigon\1998 - Hollentanz (mcd)
    Amestigon\2002 - Hellbound Split
    Amon Amarth\2006 - With Oden on Our Side 2CD
    Amorphis\1993 e.p. - Privelege of Evil
    Amorphis\1994 - Tales from The thousand Lakes
    Amorphis1997 e.p. - My Kantele
    Amortis\2000 - Memories of an Ancient Time
    Amortis\2000 - Summoned By Astral Fires
    Anaon\1997 e.p. - Les Rites de Cromlech
    Anathema\1992 - Crestfallen
    Anathema\1993 - Serenades
    Anathema\1995 - Pentecost III
    Ancalagon\2002 - First Age - Entering Legenda
    Ancestors Blood - 2003 - Wisdom Opens The Gates For The King [demo]
    Ancestors\2007 - Ancestors [demo]
    Ancient [Nor]\1994'' - Svartalvheim
    Ancient [Nor]\1994' e.p. - Det Glemte Riket
    Ancient [Nor]\1995 e.p. - Trolltaar
    Ancient [Nor]\1996 - The Cainian Chronicle
    Ancient [Nor]\1997 - Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends
    Ancient [Nor]\2001 - Proxima Centauri
    Ancient Ceremony\1997 - Under Moonlight We Kiss
    Ancient Ceremony\1999 - Fallen Angel's Symphony
    Ancient Rites\1992 - Thou Art Lord & Ancient Rites Split
    Ancient Rites\1992 e.p. - Evil Prevails
    Ancient Rites\1994 - The Diabolic Serenades
    Ancient Rites\1996 - Blasfemia Eternal
    Ancient Rites\1998 - Fatherland
    Ancient Rites\1999 - The First Decade 1989 - 1999
    Ancient Rites\2001 - Dim Carcosa
    Ancient Rites\2003 - And the Hordes Stood As One
    Ancient Rites\2006 - Rubicon
    Ancient Wargod - 1997 - When Darkness Rises
    Ancient Wisdom\1996 - For Snow Covered The Northland
    Ancient Wisdom\1997 - The Calling
    Ancient Wisdom\2000 - ...And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled
    Ancient Wisdom\2004 - Cometh Doom,Cometh Death
    Ancient\1995 - Trolltaar[mcd]
    Ancient\1999 - The Halls of Eternity
    Ancient\2001 - God Loves The Dead
    Ancient\2004 - Night Visit
    Andras\1995 - Das Schwert unserer Ahnen
    Andras\1997 - Die Rueckkehr der dunklen Krieger
    Andras\1999 - Quest Of Deliverance
    Andras\1999 - Sword of Revenge
    Andras\2005 - ...Of Old Wisdom
    Angantyr\1998 - Endelos [Demo]
    Angantyr\2000 - Kampen Fortsaetter (Reissue)
    Angantyr\2001 - Nordens Stolte Krigere [Demo]
    Angantyr\2004 - Sejr
    Angantyr\2007 - Haevn
    Angantyr\2007 - Nasheim Split
    Angra Mainyu\2002 - The Art Of Blasphemy
    Animus Herilis [Fra]\2004 e.p. - Salvatio Regni
    Animus Herilis\2005 - Recipere Ferum
    Antaeus [Fra]\1996 - Supremacist Dawn (Demo Tape)
    Antaeus [Fra]\1997 - Eternal Majesty Split
    Antaeus [Fra]\1999 - Nihil Khaos (Live)
    Antaeus [Fra]\1999 - Promo'98
    Antaeus [Fra]\2000 - Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan
    Antaeus [Fra]\2001 - Eternal Majesty & Deviant & Hell Militia Split - SPK Kommando
    Antaeus [Fra]\2002 - Aosoth Split
    Antaeus [Fra]\2002 - De Principii Evangelikum
    Antaeus [Fra]\2003 - Antaeus & Krieg Live Split
    Antaeus [Fra]\2006 - Blood Libels
    Anthropolatri\1999 - В свете костров
    Anthropolatri\2000 - Воля Святослава
    Anti (Ger) - 2006 - The Insignificance Of Life
    Aphoom Zhah\2000 - Smiercieslau Split - Вечная Боль - Biessmjarotny Czorny Mietal
    Aphoom Zhah\2000 - Вечная Боль
    Apotheosis [Mlt]\2002 - Farthest From The Sun
    Apraxia [Blr]\1998 - Hymns Of Dark Forest
    Apraxia [Blr]\2000 - Идеология
    Apraxia [Blr]\2001 - Кровь И Земля (Re-Recorded 2005) [EP]
    Apraxia [Blr]\2002 - Kolovrat
    Apraxia [Blr]\2003 - Molot Split - Voice of Blood
    Apraxia [Blr]\2005 - Blood And Soil
    Arckanum\1994 - Trulen - Demo
    Arckanum\1995 - Fran Marder
    Arckanum\1997 - Kostogher
    Arckanum\1998 - Kampen
    Arckanum\2001- Boka Vm Kaos
    Arckanum\2003 - Contamino Split-kosmos wardhin draepas om sin
    Arckanum\2004 - Svartsynn Split
    Arckanum\2004 - The 11 Year Anniversary Album
    Arcturus [Nor]\2002 - Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel [compilation]
    Argar [Sp]\1997 - The Flame of Dark Creation
    Argar [Sp]\2001 - Cwm Annwn
    Aria\2006 - Armaggedon
    Arkenstone\2002 - Arkenstone
    Arkona [Pol]\1994 - Bogowie Zaponienia [demo]
    Arkona [Pol]\1996 - Imperium
    Arkona [Pol]\1997 - An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz Best of/Compilation
    Arkona [Rus]\2004 - Lepta
    Arkona [Rus]\2004 - Возрождение
    Arkona [Rus]\2005 - Vo Slavu Velikim
    Arkona [Rus]\2006 - Zhizn Vo Slavu
    Armagedda\2000 - Volkermord
    Armagedda\2001 - The Final War Approaching
    Armagedda\2001 e.p. - Strength Through Torture
    Armagedda\2002 - Black Metal Endsieg III (split Secrets Of The Moon, Armagedda, Dark Storm & Bael)
    Armagedda\2002 - Woods Of Infinity Split EP
    Armagedda\2003 - Only True Believers
    Armagedda\2004 - In Blackest Ruin
    Armagedda\2004 - Ond Spiritism - Djefvulens Skalder
    Armageddon\2002 - Necroplasma & Epuration Satanique Split
    Armaggedon [Fra]\2004 - Kill yourself or die (Epuration Satanique,Voracious God)
    Armaggedon\2005 - Imperium wird durch das Blut wieder aufleben
    Artefact\2006 - Magic Spellcraft
    Arvinger - 2002 - Helgards Fall
    Aryadeva - 2004 - Invoking the Ancient Forces
    Aryan Art\2006 - And Despite All, Bulgaria Will Survive
    aryan blood, flammentod, the true frost & nordreich - split cd - gemeinschaftstontraeger
    Aryan Blood\1998 inc. - Demo 1
    Aryan Blood\2001 - Eisenwinter Split
    Aryan Kampf 88\2004 - Sieg Heil
    Aryan Terrorism\2002 - WAR
    Aryanas\2005 - Vinlandic Winds Shall Guide Me
    Aryanas\2007 - Dawn of a Noble Era
    Aryanas\2007 - Volkskrieg
    Asakku\1994 - Reheasal July '94
    Asakku\1995 - Curse Split
    Asakku\1995 - Reheasal '95 (demo)
    Asakku\1995 - Reheasal January '95
    Asatru (Ger) - 2002 - Langbart
    Ash Pool\2007 - World Turns On Its Hinge
    Ashen Light - Pesn' Velesa (Re-release 2005)
    Ashen Light\1999 - Песнь Велеса
    Ashen Light\2000 - Стары Былины - Славенские Вечера
    Ashen Light\2002 - Песни Мертвых & Зов Тьмы
    Ashen Light\2003 - В сострадании к отверженным - осужденным - Ад
    Ashen Light\2005 - Prichaschenie Ognem
    Ashen Light\2006 - Бог мертв! Смерть - Бог!
    Ashes (UK) - 2004 - Forest Funeral - Funeral Forest
    Aska - 2003 - Forintelsehymner
    Askuror - 2005 - Todesrune Split [Ltd Ed] - Battle Hymns + Hass und Krieg
    Asmegin\1999 - Naar Rimkalkene Heves (Demo)
    Asmegin\2003 - Hin Vordende Sod & So
    Asphyx (Hol)\1994 - Asphyx
    Asphyx (Hol)\2000 - On the Wings of Inferno
    Astrofaes\1999 - Dying Emotions Domain
    Asura (Ukr) - 2001 - Necroanthems [Demo]
    At The Gates\1991 - Gardens of Grief
    At The Gates\1992 - The red in the Sky is ours
    At The Gates\1995 - Slaughter Of The Soul
    At The Gates\2001 - Suicidal Final Art [compilation]
    Atrocity\1991 - Hallucinations
    Atrocity\1992 - Longing For Death
    Atrophy\1988 - Socialized Hate
    Atrophy\1990 - Violent By Nature
    Autopsy\ 1991- Retribution For The Dead
    Autopsy\1990 -Severed Survival
    Autopsy\1991 - Fiend For Blood
    Autopsy\1991 - Mental Funeral
    Autopsy\1992 - Acts Of The Unspeakable
    Autopsy\1995 - Shitfun
    Autopsy\2001 - Torn from the grave
    Autopsy\2004 - Dead As Fuck
    Avathar (Fin)\2004 - Shadows
    Avathar (Fin)\2004 - Where Light and Shadow Collide
    Aysenlur\2007 - Call To Arms
    Azaghal\1998 - Kristinusko Liekeissa
    Azaghal\1999 - Harmageddon
    Azaghal\1999 - Mustamaa
    Azaghal\1999 - The Nine Circles Of Hell
    Azaghal\2000 - Black Terror Metal - Demo
    Azaghal\2000 - DeathKult MMDCLXVI
    Azaghal\2000 - Mustan Kuun Lapset Split
    Azaghal\2001 - Beheaded Lamb Split - Suicide Anthems - Dark Blasphemous Moon
    Azaghal\2001 e.p. - Helwettilainen
    Azaghal\2002 - Misanthropy + Vultyr Split - Black Metal War
    Azaghal\2002 - Of beasts and vultures
    Azaghal\2003 - Gosforth Split - Unholy Terror Union
    Azaghal\2003 - Krieg Split
    Azaghal\2003 - Kyy
    Azaghal\2003 - Tundrida Split - Omenne
    Azaghal\2004 - Black Death Ritual Split
    Azaghal\2004 - Perkeleen Luoma
    Azaghal\2004 - Sael Split - None Shall Escape
    Azaghal\2005 - Codex Antitheus
    Azaghal\2006 - Luciferin Valo - Promo
    Azaxul\1997 - The Arrival Of The Demonlord (Demo)
    Azmodan\1998 - Evil Obscurity
    Bak De Syv Fjell\1996 - Rehearsal Tape
    Bak De Syv Fjell\1997 e.p. - From Haavardstun
    Balfor\2002 - Волки Севера
    Balfor\2006 - Pure Barbaric
    Bal-Sagoth\1995 - A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
    Bann\2006 - Antiochia[demo]
    Baphomet's Throne\2003 - Spiritual Evil
    Baptism\2004 - Uncreations Dawn Split
    Barad Dur\1999 - Dunkelheit
    Barathrum\2000 - Okkult
    Barbarian Warriors in Search of Wisdom\2006 - Paganheart
    Basarab\2003 - Pride of Older Times
    Basilisk\2004 - A Joyless March Through the Cold Lands
    Bathory\1984 - Demo ('83-'84)
    Bathory\1999 - The True Black Essence History [bootleg]
    Bathory\2006 - In Memory of Quorthon, Vol. I
    Bathory\2006 - In Memory of Quorthon, Vol. II
    Bathory\2006 - In Memory of Quorthon, Vol. III
    BattleSword\2003 - Failing In Triumph
    Be Persecuted [Chin]\2006 - Be Persecuted
    Be Persecuted [Chin]\2007 - I.I
    Beastcraft [Nor]\2005 - Into The Burning Pit Of Hell
    Beastcraft [Nor]\2006 - Dawn of The Serpent
    Beatrik\2000 - Flames [Demo]
    Beatrik\2002 - Journey Through the End of Life
    Behemoth\1991 - Endless damnation
    Behemoth\1993 - From The Pagan Vastlands (Demo '93)
    Behemoth\1993 - The Return Of The Northern Moon
    Behemoth\1994 - And The Forests Dream Eternally
    Behemoth\1995 - Sventevith (Storming near the Baltic)
    Behemoth\1996 - Grom
    Behemoth\1997 - Bewitching The Pomerania
    Behemoth\1998 - Chaotica\Storms To Unleash CD1
    Behemoth\1998 - Chaotica\Thunders of Erupt CD2
    Behemoth\1998 - Pandemonic Incantations
    Behemoth\1999 - Satanica
    Behemoth\2000 - Thelema.6
    Behemoth\2001 - Antichristian Phenomenon
    Behemoth\2002 - Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)
    Behemoth\2003 e.p. - Conjuration
    Behemoth\2004 - Demigod
    Behemoth\2005 - And the Forests Dream Eternally
    Behemoth\2005 e.p. - Slaves Shall Serve
    Behemoth\2006 - Demonica\CD1
    Behemoth\2006 - Demonica\CD2
    Behemoth1991 - Endless damnation
    Beherit\1990[1] - Seventh Blasphemy (Demo)
    Beherit\1990[2] - Morbid Rehersals (Demo)
    Beherit\1990[3] - Demonomancy(Demo)
    Beherit\1990[4] e.p.- Dawn Of Satan's Millennium
    Beherit\1991 - The Lord Diabolus(demo)
    Beherit\1991 -The oath of black blood
    Beherit\1992 - Werewolf, Semen and Blood
    Beherit\1993 - Drawing Down the Moon
    Beherit\1994 - h418ov21.c
    Beherit\1996 - Electric Doom Synthesis
    Beherit\1999 - Archgoat Split - Messe Des Mort
    Beherit\2001 - The First Years
    Beherit\2005 - Unholy Blessings[compilation]
    Belborn\2000 - Belborn
    Belborn\3 DREI THREE
    Belenos\1998 - Allegorie d'une souffrance
    Belenos\2001 - Errances Oniriques
    Belenos\2002 - Spicilage
    Belenos\2004 - L'ancien temps\Notre amour Eternel '96
    Belenos\2004 - L'ancien temps\Triste pensee '97
    Belenos\2006 - Chants De Bataille
    Belial - 1992 e.p. - Wisdom of darkness
    Belinus - 2002 - Battle Chants
    Belkardt\1996 - To Reach Silent Black Monolith [demo]
    Belkardt\1997 - Tearing the Heavens [demo]
    Belketre\1994 - the dark promise
    Belketre\1996 - Ambre Zuetki Vuordrevartre
    Belmez\1995 - Berserker
    Belmez\1995 - Siechtum
    Belmez\2001 - Wundgrind
    Belphegor (Hol) - 1992 - Daemonlatria [demo]
    Belphegor [Aut]\1992 - Bloodbath in Paradise
    Belphegor [Aut]\1994 e.p. - Obscure and Deep
    Belphegor [Aut]\1997 - Blutsabbath
    Belphegor [Aut]\1999 - The Last Supper
    Belphegor [Aut]\2000 - Necrodaemon Terrorsathan
    Belphegor [Aut]\2002 - infernal live orgasm
    Belphegor [Aut]\2003 - Lucifer Incestus
    Belphegor [Aut]\2005 - The Goatreich - Fleshcult
    Belphegor [Aut]\2006 - Pestapokalypse VI
    Beltaine - 2003 - Bohemian Winter
    Benighted In Sodom - 2007 - Plague Overlord
    Bergthron\1995 - Durch den Nebel der Finsternis(Demo)
    Bergthron\1997 - Verborgen in den Tiefen der Walder
    Bergthron\1999 e.p. - Uralte Gedanken
    Bergthron\2001 - Jagdheim
    Bergthron\2002 - Wotanskult
    Bergthron\2004 - Faust Fuer Faust
    Bergthron\2007 - Leben und Lebenswille
    Berserk - 2004 - Return Of The Ancient Laws
    Berserk (Esp)\2001 - ...From the Celtiberian Woods
    Berserk (Esp)\2003 - Rites of Supremacy
    Berserk (Esp)\2004 - Live from the Woods
    Besatt [Pol]\1997 - In Nomine Satanas
    Besatt [Pol]\1999 - Hail Lucifer
    Besatt [Pol]\2000 - Besatt + Unhallowed + Tragedy Begins - Underground Satanic Split
    Besatt [Pol]\2001 - Hellstorm
    Besatt [Pol]\2003 - Roots of Evil
    Besatt [Pol]\2004 - Conquering The World With True Black Metal War
    Besatt [Pol]\2004 - Sacrifice For Satan
    Besatt [Pol]\2005 - Holokaust Zniewolonych Mas + Diabolus Perfectus + Raise The Blasphemer
    Besatt [Pol]\2006 - Black Mass
    Besatt [Pol]\2006 - Czarci Majestat [Best of]
    Bestia (Est)\2001 - Demo 2001
    Bestia (Est)\2003 - Suremise Teine Tee (Promo)
    Bestia (Est)\2006 - Oiglaste tulek
    Bestial Summoning [Hol]\1992 - The Dark War Has Begun
    Bestial Warlust\1994 - Vengeance War 'Til Death
    Bestial Warlust\1995 - Blood & Valour
    Bethzaida\1996 - Nine Worlds
    Bethzaida\1998 - LXXVIII
    Bifrost - 1995 - Pagan Reality
    Bilskirnir\1997 - For Victory We Ride (Demo I)
    Bilskirnir\2000 - ... Bis Germanien Erwacht (Demo II)
    Bilskirnir\2000 - Finsterwald Split
    Bilskirnir\2001 - Feuerzauber
    Bilskirnir\2001 - For the Return of Paganism
    Bilskirnir\2002 - Bilskirnir & Hunok Project
    Bilskirnir\2002 - In Flames Of Purification
    Bilskirnir\2002 - Szalasi Split
    Bilskirnir\2002 - Vorvater (Demo IV)
    Bilskirnir\2003 - Atavismus Des Glaubens
    Bilskirnir\2003 - Nordreich Split
    Bilskirnir\2004 - Ahnenerbe (MCD)
    Bilskirnir\2004 - Furor Teutonicus
    Bilskirnir\2005 - Hyperborea
    Bilskirnir\2006 e.p. - Wolfswut
    Black Beast\2006 - Bloodhammer Split - Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union
    Black Circle\2004 - Behold my Visions and Wisdom
    Black Dawn [Fin]\2001 - Blood For Satan
    Black Death Ritual\2005 - Profound Echoes of the End
    Black Funeral (US)\1997 - Empire Of Blood
    Black Funeral (US)\1998 - Moon of Characith
    Black Funeral (US)\2004 - Az-I-Dahak
    Black Funeral (US)\2005 - Ordog
    Black Messiah\1998 - Sceptre Of Black Knowledge
    Black Messiah\2005 - Oath of a Warrior
    Black Sabbath\1969 - Black Sabbath
    Black Sabbath\1970 - Paranoid
    Black Sabbath\1971 - Master of Reality
    Black Sabbath\1972 - Volume4
    Black Sabbath\1973 - Sabbath bloody Sabbath
    Black Sabbath\1974 - Live USA
    Black Sabbath\1975 - Sabotage
    Black Sabbath\1976 - Technical Ecstasy
    Black Sabbath\1978' - Live at Last
    Black Sabbath\1978 - Never Say Die
    Black Sabbath\1980 - Heaven and Hell
    Black Shadow - 2006 - –*абвў® ‡«*
    Black Witchery\1999 - Summoning Of Infernal Legions
    Black Witchery\2000 - CONQUEROR Split
    Black Witchery\2001 - Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
    Black Witchery\2002 - Katharsis Split
    Black Witchery\2005 - Upheaval Of Satanic Might
    Black Wood (Rus)\1999 - For the mankind Grief Reunited
    Black Wood (Rus)\2003 - Religious
    Black Wood (Rus)\2006 - Kill Me Satan
    Black Zamut\2003 - Tilbarerdmst
    Blackdeath [Rus]\2002 - Saturn Sector
    Blackdeath [Rus]\2004 - Satan Macht Frei
    Blackhorned\2005 - Arrival Of The Firedemon
    BlackSStorm\2006 - Pagan Assault - Cruce Signati
    Blakagir [Pol] - 2005 - Nostalgia
    Blodfest\2007 - I Kong Skjolds Navn
    Blodulv\2003 - Blodulv
    Blodulv\2003 - Kristkrossare
    Blodulv\2004 - II
    Blodulv\2004 - Pagan Panzer
    Blodulv\2005 - III - Burial
    Bloodaxe\2004 - Raping the Ancient
    Bloodline - 2003 - Werewolf Training
    BloodThorn\1997 - In the Shadow of Your Black Wings
    BloodThorn\1999 - Onwards Into Battle
    BloodThorn\2001 - Under The Reign Of Terror
    Bloodthorn\2006 - Genocide
    Blut Aus Nord\2003 - The Work Which Transforms God
    Blut Aus Nord\2004 - Reverence Split - Decorporation
    Blut Aus Nord\2006 - MORT
    Blut aus Nord\2007 - Odinist
    Blutklinge\2006 - Ahnengeist
    Blutklinge\2007 e.p. - Call Of The Blackened Woods
    Blutschrei - 2006 - The Voice of Forbidden Pride
    Bolverk\2001 - Variations sur Requiems
    Bombensturm - 2005 - Machtwerk
    Bon Scott (1967-1972) The early years with Valentines and fraternity
    Bon Scott With Fraternity - Livestock (Full Album)
    Borknagar\1996 - Borknagar
    Borknagar\1997 - The Olden Domain
    Borknagar\2004 - Epic
    Bornholm\2003 - On The Way Of The Hunting Moon
    Bornholm\2005 - Awakening the ancient ones
    Bran Barr - 2000 - Les Chroniques De Naerg
    Branikald -2005 -Winterkald
    Branikald\1996 - Stormheit (2007 - Переиздание)
    Branstock\2003 - Nordreich Split - Heimat im Schlafe
    Branstock\2006 e.p. - Branstock
    Breath Of Sorrows\2005 - Through Darkness To Battle I Ride
    Brocken Moon [Ger]\2005 - Mondfinsternis
    Brujeria\1993 - Matando Gueros
    Brutality\1993 - Screams of Anguish
    Brutality\Back From The Dead
    Brynjard\2005 - Serenade To A Dream [Demo]
    Bucovina - 2006 - Ceasul Aducerii Aminte
    Burning Witch\1998 - Crippled Lucifer (Seven Psalms For Our Lord Of Light)
    Burzum\1989 - Uruk-Hai [pre-Burzum]
    Burzum\1991 - Demo (I)
    Burzum\1991 - Demo (II)
    Burzum\1992 - Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen [bootleg]
    Burzum\1992 - Once Emperor
    Burzum\1993 - Det Som Engang Var
    Burzum\1993 - Gorgoroth Split (500 lim.)
    Burzum\1994 - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
    Burzum\1995 - Burzum/Aske [compilation]
    Burzum\1996 - Filosofem
    Burzum\2000 - Ragnarok (A New Beginning) [bootleg]
    Camulos\2003 - Der Untermensch (Mit Namen Christ)
    Camulos\2005 - Ainshval Split - Verwesender am Kreuz - Demo 2002
    Capricornus\1999 - Splith With Aryan Blood - Ein Kampf, Ein Sieg!
    Capricornus\1999 - Stahlgewitter
    Capricornus\2003 - Der Sturmer Split
    Capricornus\2004 - Alone Against All
    Carpathian Dream\2002 - Frozen Tears
    Carpathian Forest\1995 - Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods
    Carpathian Forest\1997 - Bloodlust And Perversion
    Carpathian Forest\2000 - Strange Old Brew
    Carpathian Forest\2002 - We're Going to Hell For This - Over a Decade of Perversions [live]
    Carpathian Forest\2003 - Defending the Throne of Evil
    Carpathian Forest\2004 - Skjend Hans Lik [Promo]
    Carpathian Forest\2006 - Fuck You All
    Carpathian Forest\Carpathian Forest - Ghoul
    Carpathian Might vol. 1
    Catamenia\1998 - Halls Of Frozen North
    Catamenia\1999 - Morning Crimson
    Catamenia\2000 - Eternal Winter's Prophecy
    Catamenia\2002 - Eskhata
    Catamenia\2003 - Chaos Born
    Catamenia\2005 - Winternight Tragedies
    Catamenia\2006 - Location - cold
    Celebratum - 2000 - Spirits (Demo)
    Celestia\2002 - Apparitia - Sumptuous Spectre (2007 re-issue)
    Celestia\2003 - Dead Insecta Sequestration
    Celestial Season\1993-Forever Scarlet Passion
    Celestial Season\1995 e.p. - Sonic Orb
    Celestial Season\1995-Solar lovers
    Celtic Blood\2006 - Celtic Blood
    Celtic Frost\1984 - Morbid Tales [Re-Released 1999]
    Celtic Frost\1985 - To Mega Therion [Re-Released 1999]
    Celtic Frost\1987 - Into The Pandemonium [Re-Released 1999]
    Celtic Frost\1990 - Vanity Nemesis [Re-Released 1999]
    Celtic Frost\1995 - Emperor`s Return
    Cemetary\1992 - An Evil Shade Of Grey
    Cemetary\1993 - Godless Beauty
    Cemetary\1994 - Black Vanity
    Cemetary\1997 - Last Confessions
    Cemetary\2000 - The Beast Divine
    Cerberus\2006 - Klagelieder - Grabesgesang
    Ceremonial Embrace\2001 - Oblivion
    Charles Manson\1967 - UNPLUGGED
    Charles Manson\1968 - Lie
    Charles Manson\1970 - white album
    Charles Manson\1982 - COMMEMORATION
    Charles Manson\1983 - LIVE AT SAN QUENTIN
    Charles Manson\1985 - WAY OF THE WOLF
    Charles Manson\1987 - Lie - The Love & Terror Cult
    Charles Manson\charles manson & the manson family (1968-70)
    Charles Manson\Jailhouse recordings
    Choronzon (US) - 1998 - Magog Agog
    Christ Agony\1990 - Sacronocturn [Demo]
    Christ Agony\1992 - Epitaph Of christ
    Christ Agony\1993 - Unholyunion
    Christ Agony\1994 - Daemonseth act ii
    Christ Agony\1995 - Moonlight, act iii
    Christ Agony\1997 - Darkside
    Christ Agony\1998 - Trilogy
    Christ Agony\1999 - Elysium
    Christ Agony\The Era Of Mohrungen
    Cirith Gorgor\1999 - Onwards To The Spectral Defile
    Cirith Gorgor\2001 - Unveiling The Essence
    Cirith Gorgor\2004 - Firestorm Apocalypse
    Cirith Gorgor\2007 - Cirith Gorgor
    Cirith Ungol\1981 - Frost And Fire
    Cirith Ungol\1984 - King Of The Dead
    Cirith Ungol\1986 - One Foot in Hell
    Cirith Ungol\1991 - Paradise Lost
    Clandestine Blaze\1999 - Fire Burns In Our Hearts
    Clandestine Blaze\1999 e.p. - On the Mission
    Clandestine Blaze\2000 - Goat - Creative Alienation
    Clandestine Blaze\2000 - Night Of The Unholy Flames
    Clandestine Blaze\2001 - Deathspell Omega Split
    Clandestine Blaze\2001 - There comes the day... [demo]
    Clandestine Blaze\2002 - Below the Surface of Cold Earth
    Clandestine Blaze\2002 - Blood and Cum (Demo)
    Clandestine Blaze\2002 - Fist of Nothern Destroyer
    Clandestine Blaze\2004 - Deliverers of Faith
    Clandestine Blaze\2004 - Satanic Warmaster Split
    Clandestine Blaze\2005 - Crushing the holy trinity [Son - CD2] [3 CDs split northern heritage compilation]
    Clandestine Blaze\2006 - Church Of Atrocity
    Coldworld\2006 - The Stars Are Dead Now
    COMECON\1992 - Megatrends In Brutality
    Conqueror - 2003 - Hammer Of Antichrist
    Conqueror - 2003 - Hammer Of Antichrist\scans
    Consummatum Est (Ita)\2005 - Funeral Procession
    Consummatum Est (Ita)\2006 - Promo 2006
    Corona Borealis - 2000 - Cantus Paganus
    Count Raven\1990 - Storm Warning
    Count Raven\1992 - Destruction of the Void
    Count Raven\1993 - High On Infinity
    Count Raven\1996 - messiah of confusion
    Countess\1993 - The Gospel Of The Horned One
    Countess\1994 - The Return Of The Horned One
    Countess\1995 - Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam
    Countess\1995 - The Book of the Heretic
    Countess\1995 - The Wrath Of Satan's Whore
    Countess\1997 e.p. - Hell's Rock And Roll
    Countess\2000 - The Shining Swords Of Hate
    Countess\2001 - The Revenge Of The Horned One Part I
    Countess\2002 - The Revenge of the Horned One Part II
    Countess\2004 - Heilig Vuur
    Countess\2005 - Spawn Of Steel
    Countess\2006 - Holocaust Of The God Believers
    Coven of the Worm [Ger]\2004 - 1992 - 1996
    Covenant [Nor]\1998 - Nexus Polaris
    Cradle Of Filth\1992 - Orgiastic Pleasures Foul
    Cradle Of Filth\1992-Invoking The Unclean
    Cradle Of Filth\1993 - Total Fucking Darkness (Demo)
    Cradle Of Filth\1994 - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
    Cradle Of Filth\1996'' - Dusk..... And Her Embrace
    Cradle Of Filth\1996' e.p. - Vempire or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein
    Cradle Of Filth\1998 - Cruelty And The Beast
    Cradle Of Filth\1999 - From The Cradle To Enslave
    Cradle Of Filth\2000 - Midian
    Cradle Of Filth\2001 - Bitter Suites To Succubi [compilation]
    Cradle Of Filth\2002 - Live Bait For The Dead pII
    Cradle Of Filth\2002- Live Bait For The Dead pI
    Cradle Of Filth\2003 - Damnation And A Day
    Cradle of Filth\2005 - Nymphetamine
    Cradle of Filth\2006 - Thornography
    Crematory\1993 - Transmigration
    Crematory\1994 - ...Just Dreaming
    Crematory\1995 - Illusions
    Crematory\1996 - Crematory
    Crematory\1997 - Awake
    Crematory\1999 - Act Seven
    Crematory\2000 - Believe
    Crematory\2001 - Remind [compilation]
    Crematory\2004 - Revolution
    Crematory\2006 - Klagebilder
    Crest Of Darkness\1997 - Sinister Scenario
    Crest Of Darkness\1999 - The Ogress
    Crest Of Darkness\2000 - Project Regeneration
    Crest Of Darkness\2004 - Evil Knows Evil
    Crom\2003 - The Fallen Beauty
    Cruachan\1995 - Tuatha Na Gael
    Cruachan\2000 - The Middle Kingdom
    Crucifixion Wounds [Ger]\2004 - War Summoning
    Crusade from the North - 1995 - Moonfog Compilation\CD1
    Crusade from the North - 1995 - Moonfog Compilation\CD2
    Crux Dissimulata\2005 e.p. - Bleichmond
    Cryfemal [Spa]\2003 - Raising Deads... Buring Alives
    Cryfemal [Spa]\2005 - Escucha a los muertos
    Cryfemal [Spa]\2005 - Perpetua Funebre Gloria
    Crypt of Kerberos\1992 e.p. - Cyclone of Insanity
    Cryptopsy\1995 - blasphemy made flesh
    Cryptopsy\1996 - None so vile
    Cryptopsy\1998 - Whisper Supremacy
    Cryptopsy\2000 - And then you'll beg
    Crystal Moors - 2003inc - The Unconquered Land
    Curse\2001 - Cursed Be Thy Name
    Curse\2002 - Dead Sunrise
    Cyhiriaeth\2005 - Lands Of Ancient Cult
    Daemonolatreia [Rus] - 2004 - Black Madness Night (Demo)
    Dagorlad [Ita]\1999 - Incantations
    Dagorlad [Ita]\2002 - The End of The Dark Ages
    Dan Swano\1998 - Moontower
    Danelaw [UK]\1999 - Demo
    Danzig - Discography\1988 - Danzig - Danzig
    Danzig - Discography\1989 - Danzig - Devil songs (Live USA '89)
    Danzig - Discography\1990 - Danzig - II Lucifuge
    Danzig - Discography\1992 - Danzig - Black Aria
    Danzig - Discography\1992 - Danzig - III How The Gods Kill
    Danzig - Discography\1993 - Danzig - Thrall-Demonsweatlive
    Danzig - Discography\1994 - Danzig - IV Vorschau
    Danzig - Discography\1995 - Danzig - Bootleg - When Dead Had No Name - B Sides (incomplete)
    Danzig - Discography\1995 - Danzig - The Power Of The Dark Side - Live
    Danzig - Discography\1996 - Danzig - V blackacidevil
    Danzig - Discography\1999 - Danzig - 666 Satan's Child
    Danzig - Discography\2001 - Danzig - Live On The Black Hand Side - Live
    Danzig - Discography\2001 - Danzig - Live On The Black Hand Side - Live\cd1
    Danzig - Discography\2001 - Danzig - Live On The Black Hand Side - Live\cd2
    Danzig - Discography\2002 - Danzig - 777 I Lucifieri
    Danzig - Discography\2004 - Danzig - Circle Of Snakes
    Dark Faith (Esp) - 2004 - Storm Of Hatred And Anger
    Dark Fortress\2001 - Tales From Eternal Dusk
    Dark Fortress\2003 - Profane Genocidal Creations
    Dark Fortress\2004 - Stab Wounds
    Dark Fortress\2006 - Seance
    Dark Funeral\1996 - The Secrets of the Black Arts
    Dark Funeral\1998 - Vobiscum Satanas
    Dark Funeral\2001'' - Diabolis interium
    Dark Funeral\2001' - Infernal (Swe) Split - Under Wings of Hell
    Dark Funeral\2004 - De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine
    Dark Funeral\2005 - Attera Totus Sanctus
    Dark Fury\2005 - Vae Victis!
    Dark Reality\1996 - Blossom Of Mourning
    Dark Reality\1997 - Oh Precious Haze Pervade The Pain
    Dark Storm [Che]\2002 - The Early Years
    Dark Storm [Cze]\2005 - Infernal Tyrant
    Dark Storm [Cze]\2006 - Hell Satan Blasphemy
    Dark Tranquillity\1993 - Skydancer
    Dark Tranquillity\1995' - Of Chaos And Eternal Night
    Dark Tranquillity\1995 - The Gallery
    Dark Tranquillity\1997 - The Mind's I
    Dark Tranquillity\1999 - Projector
    Dark Tranquillity\2000 - Haven
    Dark Tranquillity\2002 - Damage Done
    Dark Tranquillity\2005 - Character
    Darkness [UK]\2001 - Destruction of Earth [demo]
    Darkness [UK]\2001 - Eternal Darkness [demo]
    Darkspace - New MCD
    Darkspace\2003 - Darkspace I
    Darkspace\2005 - Darkspace II
    Darkstorm [Pol] - 1996 - The Black Stone
    Darkthrone\1988 - Land Of Frost (Demo)
    Darkthrone\1989 - Thulcandra (Demo)
    Darkthrone\1991 - Clamor (Limited To 50)
    DarkThrone\1991 - Soulside Journey
    DarkThrone\1992 - A Blaze In The Northern Sky
    Darkthrone\1992 - Crossing The Triangle Of Flames Ltd Ed VINYL
    DarkThrone\1993 - Under a Funeral Moon
    DarkThrone\1994 - Transilvanian Hunger
    DarkThrone\1995 - Panzerfaust
    Darkthrone\1996 - A Night Of Unholy BlackMetal [bootleg]
    DarkThrone\1996' - Goatlord
    DarkThrone\1996'' - Total Death
    Darkthrone\1997 - The Roots of Evilness [live]
    DarkThrone\1999 - Ravishing Grimness
    DarkThrone\2000 - Preparing For War
    DarkThrone\2001 - Plaguewielder
    Darkthrone\2003 - Hate Them
    Darkthrone\2005 e.p. - Under Beskyttelse Av Morke
    Darkthrone\2006 - Forebyggend Krig
    Darkthrone\2006 - Hell Satan Blasphemy
    Darkthrone\2006 e.p. - Too Old, Too Cold
    Darkthule\2004 - Beyond The Endless Horizons
    Darkthule\2004 - Hagalaz Split - Nation Honour Destiny
    Darkthule\2005 - Wolforder
    Darkwoods My Betrothed [Fin]\1994 - Dark Aureoles Gathering (Demo)
    Darkwoods My Betrothed [Fin]\1995 - Heirs Of The Northstar
    Darkwoods My Betrothed [Fin]\1996 - Autumn Roars Thunder
    Darkwoods My Betrothed [Fin]\1998 - Witch-Hunts
    Dauthslahk [Ger]\2006 - Demo
    Dawn\1996 - Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh MCD
    Dawn\1998 - Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)
    Dead Infection\1993 - Surgical Disembowelment
    Dead Raven Choir - 2002ep - Grand Ravishing Extravaganza
    Death\ 1988 - Leprosy
    Death\ 1993 - Individual Thought Patterns
    Death\1987 - Scream Bloody Gore
    Death\1990 - Spiritual Healing
    Death\1991 - Human
    Death\1995 - Symbolic
    Death\1998 - The Sound of Perseverance
    Deathgate Arkanum\2001 - Schattenkrieger [demo]
    Deathgate Arkanum\2005 - Totenworke
    Deathspell Omega\1999 - Disciples Of The Ultimate Void
    Deathspell Omega\2000 - Infernal Battles
    Deathspell Omega\2001 - Demoniac Vengeance
    Deathspell Omega\2002 - Inquisitors of Satan
    Deathspell Omega\2002 - Mutiilation & Deathspell Omega Split
    Deathspell Omega\2004 - Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice
    Deathspell Omega\2005 - Kenose
    Deceased\1992 - Luck Of The Corpse
    Deceased\1993 e.p. - The 13 Frightened Souls
    Deceased\1997 - Fearless Undead Machines
    Deceased\1999 - Supernatural Addiction
    December Wolves\1995 - 'Til Ten Years
    December Wolves\1998 - Completeley Dehumanized
    December Wolves\2002 - Blasterpiece Theatre
    Defaillance\006 - Desempare Dans Un Monde Agonisant [demo]
    Deicide\1990 - Deicide
    Deicide\1992 - Legion
    Deicide\1993 - Amon: Feasting the Beast [compilation]
    Deicide\1995 - Once Upon the Cross
    Deicide\1997 - Serpents of the Light
    Deicide\1998 - When Satan Lives
    Deicide\2000 - Insineratehymn
    Deicide\2001 - In Tourment In Hell
    Deicide\2004 - Scars of the Crucifix
    Deicide\2006 - The Stench of Redemption
    Deicide\2006 - When London Burns
    Deinonychus\1995 -The Silence Of December
    Deinonychus\1996 - The Weeping Of A Thousand Years
    Deinonychus\1997 - After the rain falls an empty sky remains
    Deinonychus\1997 -INC- Ark Of Thought
    Deinonychus\2002 - Mournument
    Deinonychus\2004 - Insomnia
    Demilich\1991 - Rehersals(demotape)
    Demilich\1992 - The Echo (demo-tape)
    Demilich\1993 - Nespithe
    Demilich\Demilich tFITOD-(demotape)
    Demoncy\2003 inc - Empire of the Fallen Angel
    Denial of God\1999 - Klabautermanden
    Deranged [Swe]\1993 e.p. - The Confessions Continue
    Deranged [Swe]\1995 - Rated X
    Deranged [Swe]\1996 e.p. - Sculpture Of The Dead
    Deranged [Swe]\1998 - High On Blood
    Deranged [Swe]\2002 - Plainfield Cemetary
    Deranged\1992 - Confessions Of A Necrophile [demo]
    Deranged\1994 e.p. - Architects Of Perversions
    Deranged\1999 - III
    Deranged\2001- Deranged
    Desolation Triumphalis\2004 - Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis Split
    Desolation Triumphalis\2006 - Forever Bound To Nothingness
    Despond - 2003 - Supreme Funeral Oration
    Destroyers From The Western Skies
    Det Hedenske folk\1996 - Northland rules supreme
    DevilMind\2005 - Demo 2005
    DevilMind\2006 - Cold Kingdom (demo)
    Devotus Regnum\ 2002 - My Freedom (Demo)
    Diabolical Breed\2004 - Compendium Infernus
    Diabolicum\2001 - The Dark Blood Rising (The Hatecrowned Retaliation)
    Diabolism\1997 - Endless Darkned Saga
    Diabolos Rising\1996 - Blood,Vampirism & Sadism
    Diadema Tristis[arg] - 2005 - ways of relief
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter\1997 - Soft & Stronger
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter\1998 e.p. - Dschingis Khan
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter\1999 - Allegro Barbaro
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter\2000 - All you need is Love
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter\2003 - Have a nice trip
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter\2006 - Riders on the Storm
    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter\D2004 - Samurai
    Die Saat\2002 - Niedergang
    Die Saat\2003 - Der Schlachten Tribut
    Die Saat\2006 - Wir laden zum Feste
    Dim Vision\2006 - Epidermis
    Dimmu Borgir\1995 - For All Tid
    Dimmu Borgir\1996 - Stormblast
    Dimmu Borgir\1997 - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
    Dimmu Borgir\1998 e.p. - Godless Savage Garden
    Dimmu Borgir\2001 - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
    Dimmu Borgir\2002 e.p. - World Misanthropy
    Dimmu Borgir\2003 - Death Cult Armageddon
    Disembowelment\1990 - Mourning September (demo)
    Disembowelment\1991 - Deep Sensory Procession Into Aural Fate (demo)
    Disembowelment\1992 e.p. - Dusk
    Disembowelment\1992 -Transcendence into The Puripheral
    Disiplin\2002 - Vama Marga [demo]
    Disiplin\2003 - Disiplin
    Disiplin\2005 - Anti-Life
    Dismember\1991 - Like an everflowing stream
    Dismember\1993 - Indecent and obscene + Pieces
    Dismember\1995 - Massive Killing Capacity
    Dismember\2000 - Hate Campaign
    Dismember\2004 - Where Ironcrosses Grow
    Dissection [Swe]\1990 - The Grief Prophecy (demo)
    Dissection [Swe]\1991 - Into Infinite Obscurity
    Dissection [Swe]\1993 - The Somberlane (Reissue 2006)
    Dissection [Swe]\1995 - Storm Of The Light's Bane
    Dissection [Swe]\1998 - The Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief) [compilation]
    Dissection [Swe]\2003 - Gods Of Darkness
    Dissection [Swe]\2004 - Maha Kali
    Dissection [Swe]\2006 - Reinkaos
    Divina Inferis\2005 - Triumph Of The Possessed
    Divina Inferis\2007 - Aura Damnation
    Dodheimsgard\1995 - Kronet Til Konge
    Dodheimsgard\1997 - Monumental Possession
    Dodheimsgard\1997 - Satanic Art
    Dodheimsgard\1999 - 666 International
    Dodsferd - 2006 - Desecrating the Spirit of Life
    Dominion Caligula\2002 - A New Era Rises
    Doomstone\1993 - Those Whom Satan Hath Joined
    Doomsword\1999 - Doomsword
    Doomsword\2002 - Resound The Horn
    Doomsword\2003 - Let Battle Commence
    Dor Feafaroth - 2004 - Земля Охотящихся Духов... [ep]
    Dornenreich\1997 - Mein flugelschlag( demo)
    Dornenreich\1997 - Nicht Um Zu Sterben
    Dornenreich\1999 - Bitter Ists Dem Tod Zu Dienen
    Dornenreich\2001 - Her Von Welken N¤chten
    Drastus [Fra]\2006 e.p. - Taphos
    Draugnim\2007 - Sworn to Waves [demo]
    Draugsang\2005 - Seil Pa Skyggans Hav
    Draugurz - 2005 - A Yell From The Past
    Draugurz\2005 - Marblebog Split
    Dream Death\1987 - Journey Into Mystery
    Dream Death\2004 - Back From The Dead
    Drephjard\2006 - Sorgsvart
    Drowning The Light [Aus]\2006 - 06.06.06. It Begins Here
    Drowning The Light [Aus]\2006 - The Fallen Years
    Drowning The Light [Aus]\2007 - Defenders of the Aryan Race [demo]
    Drowning The Light [Aus]\2007 - Tormented Nights [demo]
    Drudkh [Ukr]\2003 - Forgotten Legends
    Drudkh [Ukr]\2004 - Autumn Aurora , Pagan Black Metal
    Drudkh [Ukr]\2005 - The Swan Road
    Drudkh [Ukr]\2006 - Blood In Our Wells
    Drudkh [Ukr]\2006 - Songs Of Grief And Solitude
    Drudkh [Ukr]\2007 e.p. - Anti-Urban
    Dub Buk\1998 - Мiсяць помсти (demo)
    Dub Buk\1999 - Zasynaye Ta U Vi Sni Pomyraye
    Dub Buk\2002 - Idu na Wy!
    Dub Buk\2003 - Rus Ponad Vse
    Dub Buk\2006 - Odal Split - Via defonica vol.III
    Dunkel\1999 - Evighed [demo]
    Dunkelgrafen\1996 - Demo
    Dunkelgrafen\1996 - Demo '96
    Dunkelgrafen\1998 - Schatten der Ewigkeit
    Dunkelgrafen\1999 - Baphomet's Aeon
    Dunkelgrafen\2001 - Triumph des Fleisches
    Dunkelgrafen\2003 - Oris Diabolis
    Dvar\2003 - Roah
    Dwimor [Arg]\2004 - Demo II
    Dwimor [Arg]\2006 - Demo III
    Dying Fetus\1995 - Infatuation With Malevolence [compilation]
    Dying Fetus\1996 - Purification Through Violence
    Dying Fetus\1998 - Killing on Adrenaline
    Dying Fetus\2000 - Destroy the Opposition
    Dying Fetus\2003 - Stop at Nothing
    Dying Passion\2002 - Voyage
    Eclipse Eternal - 2005 - Reign of the Unholy Blackened Empire
    Edge of Sanity\1991 - Nothing But Death Remains
    Edge of Sanity\1992 - Unorthodox
    Edge of Sanity\1993 - The Spectral Sorrows
    Edge of Sanity\1994 - Purgatory Afterglow
    Edge Of Sanity\1994 e.p. - Until Eternity Ends
    Edge of Sanity\1996 - Crimson
    Edge of Sanity\1997' - Cryptic
    Edge of Sanity\1997 - Infernal
    EgoNoir [Ger]\2004 - Die Saga
    EgoNoir [Ger]\2006 - Der Pfad Zum Fluss
    Eikenskaden\2002 - The Black Laments Symphonie
    Eikenskaden\2002 - The Last Dance
    Eikenskaden\2004 - 665.999
    Eikenskaden\2005 - There is No Light at the End of the Tunnel
    Einherjer\1996 - Dragons of the North
    Einherjer\1997 e.p. - Far Far North
    Einherjer\1998 - Odin Owns Ye All
    Einherjer\2000 - Norwegian Native Art
    Einherjer\2003 - Blot
    Eisiger Wald - 2005 - Sur Le Chemin De La Delivrance
    Eisregen\2000 - Lachenlager
    Eisregen\2001 - Farbenfinsternis
    Electric Wizard - 2000 - Dopethrone [2006 reissue]
    Elend\2007 - A World in Their Screams
    Elexorien\2005 - Demo
    Elexorien\2007 - Elexorien
    Elffor\2002 - Son Of The Shades
    Elffor\2002 - Son Of The Shades
    Elffor\2004 - From The Throne Of Hate
    Elfsword [Rus]\2002 - Altari Zabytyh Bogov
    Elite [Nor]\2004 - Kampen
    Elite [Nor]\2006 - Bifrost
    Eljudner\2003 inc. - Promo (Self released, 2003, SOLD OUT)
    Eljudner\2005 - Draudingekvider
    Eljudnir\1998 - Terugkeer van het Zonnewiel
    Eluveitie\2003 - Ven[demo]
    Eluveitie\2006 - Spirit
    Elvira Madigan\2000 - Black Arts
    Elvira Madigan\2001 - Witches
    Elysian Blaze\2004 - Beneath Silent Faces (Demo)
    Elysian Blaze\2004 - Cold Walls And Apparitions
    Elysian Blaze\2006 - Levitating The Carnal
    Elysian Blaze\2007 - Beneath Silent Faces
    Emancer\2001 - Utopian Illlusions
    Emancer\2003 - The human experiment
    Emancer\2004 - Invisible
    Eminenz - 2003 - The Heretic & Preachers Of Darkness
    Emperor\1992 - As The Shadows Rise [Single]
    Emperor\1995 - In The Nightside Eclipse
    Emperor\2000 - Immortal & Dimmu Borgir & Ancient & Arcturus Split - True Kings Of Norway
    Empirium\1996 - A wintersunset
    Empirium\1998 - Songs Of Moors & Misty Fields
    Empirium\1999 - Where at night the mood grouse plays
    Empirium\2002 - Weiland
    Enchantment\1994 - Dance The Marble Naked
    Enochian Crescent [Fin] - 1997 - Telocvovim
    Ensiferum\1997 - Demo'97
    Ensiferum\1997-1999 (Demos ReRelease)
    Ensiferum\2001 - Ensiferum
    Ensiferum\2004'' - Iron
    Ensiferum\2004' - Tale of Revenge
    Ensiferum\2006 e.p. - Dragonheads
    Ensiferum\2007 - One More Magic Potion
    Ensiferum\2007 - Victory Songs
    Enslaved\1994 - Frost
    Enslaved\1994 - Vikingligr Veldi
    Enslaved\1997 - Eld
    Enslaved\1998 - Blodhemn
    Enslaved\2000 - Mardraum
    Enslaved\2001 - Monumension
    Enslaved\2003 - Below The Lights
    Enslaved\2004 - Isa
    Enslaved\2005 - Return to Yggdrasill [DVD]
    Enslaved\2006 - Ruun
    Enthroned\1996 - Prophecies of Pagan Fire and Bonus
    Enthroned\1997 - Towards the Skullthrone of Satan
    Enthroned\1998 - Regie Sathanas A Tribute to Cernunnos
    Enthroned\1999 - Apocalypse Manifesto
    Enthroned\2001 - Armoured Bestial Hell
    Enthroned\2002 - Carnage in worlds beyond
    Enthroned\2004 - Xes Haereticum
    Enthroning Silence\2002 - Unnamed quintessence of grimness
    Enthroning Silence\2004 - A Dream Of Nightskies
    Entropia\2004 - De Viu En Viu (live)
    Epakristus\2003 - The Greatest Gift Of Life Is The Awareness Of Death
    Epakristus\2004 - Funeral Fuck
    Equilibrium\2003 - Demo
    Equilibrium\2005 - Turis Fratyr
    Eschaton (Grc) - 2006 - Causa Fortior
    Esoteric [UK]\1993 - The Death of Ignorance
    Esoteric [UK]\1994 - Epistemological Despondency
    Esoteric [UK]\1997 - The Pernicious Enigma
    Esoteric [UK]\1999 - Metamorphogenesis
    Esoteric [UK]\2004 - Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum
    Eugenik\2005 - Tag des Raben
    Evil\1995 - War Metal Holocaust (Demo)
    Evil\2005 - Depression And Mourning [demo]
    Evil\2006 - Arktogaa
    Evol\1993 - Dies Irae (demotape )\1993-The tale of the horned king (demotape I)
    Evol\1993 - Dies Irae (demotape )\1994-The dark dreamquest (demotape II)
    Evol\1993 - Dies Irae (demotape )\Bonus inedit live tracks
    Evol\1995 - The Saga of The Horned King
    Evol\1996 - Dreamquest
    Evol\1998 - Ancient Abbey
    Evol\1999 - Portraits
    Ewig Frost [Aut]\2003 - Forgotten Grimness Returns (Demo)
    Ewiges Reich\2001 - Ewiges Reich
    Ewiges Reich\2002 - Jerusolima Est Perdita Split - Schlachtruf
    Ewiges Reich\2002 - Zeit Des Erwachens
    Ewiges Reich\2003 - Thron aus Eis
    Execution 666\2003 - Demo
    Exmortem (Dnk)\1995 - Labyrinths of Horror
    Exmortem (Dnk)\2000 - Berzerker Legions
    Exmortem (Dnk)\2002 - Pestilence Empire
    Exodus\1990 - Impact Is Imminent
    Exodus\1991 - Good Friendly Violent Fun
    Exodus\1992 - Force Of Habit
    Exodus\1999 - Good Friendly Violent Fun
    Exodus\2004 - Tempo Of The Damned
    Exodus\2005 - Shovel Headed Kill Machine
    Extreme Antikrist Projects\2005 - Compilation
    Eye Of Odin - 2001 - Odin's Chosen
    Faerghail\2001 - Where Angels Dwell No More
    Fagyhamu [Hun] - 2001 e.p. - Funeral Feast
    Falchion - 2005 - Legacy Of Heathens
    Falkenbach\1995 - Laeknishendr (demo)
    Falkenbach\1996 - En Their Medh Riki Fara
    Falkenbach\1998 - Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri
    Falkenbach\2005 - Heralding - The Fireblade
    Falkenbach\2005 - Heralding - The Fireblade\falkenbach_files
    Fall of the Leafe - 2005 - Vantage
    Fallen Christ\1994 - Abduction Ritual
    Fanisk [Can]\2002 - Die And Become
    Fanisk [Can]\2003 - Noontide
    Farsot\2004 - 042103Freitod [demo]
    Fejd\2002 - I En Tid Som Var
    Fejd\2004 - Huldran
    Fejd\2006 - Eld
    Fenris\2001 -Offerings To The Hunger
    Fenris\2005 - Ordeal
    Fenriz Presents
    Fields of the Nephilim\ - Dawnrazor
    Fields of the Nephilim\ - Laura
    Fields of the Nephilim\ - Psychonaut
    Fields of the Nephilim\ From Gehenna To Here
    Fields of the Nephilim\ -Burning the Fields e.p
    Fields of the Nephilim\1991 - Earth Inferno
    Fields of the Nephilim\2002 - Fallen
    Fiend\2003 - Black Abhorrent Metal
    FightingMan\Best of/Compilation
    Finntroll\1999 - Midnattens Widunder
    Finntroll\2001 - Jaktens Tid
    Finntroll\2007 - Ur Jordens Djup
    Finnugor [Hun]\2002 - Black Flames
    Finnugor [Hun]\2003 - Death Before Dawn
    Finnugor [Hun]\2004 - Darkness Needs Us
    Finnugor [Hun]\2006 - Voitettuani Kuoleman
    Finsterforst - 2006 e.p. - Wiege der Finsternis
    Finsterforst\2007 - Weltenkraft
    Firbholg\2001 - Holy Quest
    Fjoergyn\2005 - Ernte Im Herbst
    Fjoergyn\2007 - Sade et Masoch
    Flammentod\2003 - Morpheus Armen Entrissen
    Flammentod\2004 - Kwelhekse Split - Ooghen Van Vuur - Feuersturm
    Flammentod\2004 - Kwelhekse Split - Ooghen Van Vuur - Feuersturm
    Fleurety\1993 - Black Snow
    Fleurety\1994 e.p. - A Darker Shade of Evil
    Fleurety\1995 - Min Tid Skal Komme (Reissue 2003)
    Fleurety\1999 e.p. - Last Minute Lies
    Fleurety\2000 - Department Of Apocalyptic Affairs
    Fogzard\2002 - Spread Hatred [demo]
    Fogzard\2004 - Extreme Atheism
    Folkearth\2004 - A Nordic Poem
    Folkearth2007 - Drakkars In The Mist
    Folklord - 2004 - Resistance
    Folkvang - 2006 - World Of Wisdom
    Forefather\2000-Legends Untold
    Forefather\2002 - Engla Tocyme
    Forefather\2004 - Ours Is The Kingdom
    Forest of Fog\2003 - Rabenflug (Demo)
    Forest of Fog\2004 - Untergang
    Forest of Fog\2005 - Nebelhymnen
    Forest of Fog\2006 - Abgrunde
    Forest Of Souls\1995 - War And Poetry
    Forest Poetry\2005 - Forest Poetry
    Forest Throne - 2006 - Evil Land Of Forests
    Forestdome\2005 - Hellveto - Phorcys Split - When The River Of Hate Tears Floods
    Forgardur Helvitis
    Forgjord [Fin] - 2006 - Henkeen Ja Vereen
    Forgot - 2006 - Burning Down
    Forgotten Chaos\2006 - Victorious Among The Damned
    Forgotten Darkness\2002 - Krieg des Winterleids (demo)
    Forgotten Darkness\2004 - Nacht Aus Blut
    Forgotten Tomb\2000 - Obsucra Arcana Mortis
    Forgotten Tomb\2002 - Songs to Leave
    Forgotten Tomb\2003 - Springtime Depression
    Forgotten Tomb\2004 - Love's Burial Ground
    Forgotten Woods\1994 - As The Wolves Gather
    Forgotten Woods\1995 e.p. - Sjel Av Natten
    Forgotten Woods\1996 - The Curse Of Mankind
    Forgotten\2002- Through The Fields Of Battle
    Forlorn\1997 - The Crystal Palace
    Forlorn\1998 - Hybernation
    Forlorn\2000 - Ad Caelestis Res
    Forsth\1996 - Winterfrost
    Forsth\1997 - Helvetic War
    Forsth\1997 - Helvetic War
    Fortid [Ice]\2003 - Voluspa Part I - Thor's Anger
    Fortid [Ice]\2007 - Voluspa Part II -The Arrival of Fenris
    From My Grave - 2001 - Gates In The Witchwoods
    Frost & Ahriman - 1998 - Split EP - A tribute to Tormentor
    Frost (Ger) - Frostmoon Eclipse - 2002 - Katharsis - Photismos
    Frost (UK)\2002 - Cursed Again
    Frost (UK)\2004 - Talking To God
    Frostkrieg\2004 - Halgadom Split - Ahnenland EP
    Frostkrieg\2004- Magestatic Eines Kalten Elements
    Frostmoon Eclipse\1999 - Revenge In Scorn
    Frostmoon Eclipse\2001 - Gathering The Dark
    Frostmoon Eclipse\2001 - Terminus Skywards
    Frostmoon\1999 - Tordenkrig
    Frostrike\1998 - Ett Odelagt Rike I Ruiner Av Hat
    Frozen Shadows\1996 - Empires De Glace
    Frozen Shadows\1999 - Dans Les Bras Des Immortels
    Frozen Tears (Bgr) - 2003 - When The Earth Cries
    Funebrum\2007 e.p. - Nocturnal Misanthropy
    Funeral Fog\2003 - Under The Black Veil
    Funeral Mist (Swe)\1995 - Darkness (Demo)
    Funeral Mist (Swe)\1996 Havok (Demo)
    Funeral Mist (Swe)\2003 - Salvation
    Funeral Mourning\2006 - Drown In Solitude
    Funeral Oath\2004 - Kun Kirves Ristin Veisti (Demo)
    Funeral Winds\1994 - Resurection Of The Five Winds [demo]
    Funeral Winds\2007 - Nexion Xul - The Cursed Bloodline
    Funeris Nocturnum\2001 - From the aspect of darkly illuminated
    Furthest Shore\1999 - Chronicles Of Hethernesse
    Furze\2000 e.p. - First Feast For Freedom
    Furze\2004 e.p. - Furze
    Futhark 14\2005 - Aryan Dawn
    Galar\2005 - Galar
    Galar\2006 - Skogskvad
    Galgenberg\1998 - Galgenberg
    Galgeras\2005 - Booswitcherij
    Gallhammer - 2004 - Gloomy Lights
    Garmarna\1992 - Vedergalningen
    Garmarna\1993 - Garmarna
    Garmarna\1994 - Vittrad
    Garmarna\1996 - Guds Speleman
    Garmarna\1999 - Vengeance
    Garmarna\2001 - Hildegard von Bingen
    Gates Of Ishtar\1997 - The Dawn Of Flames
    Geasa\1999 - Angels Cry
    Gehenna [Nor]\1995 - Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness (The Second Spell)
    Germanen Blut\2005 - Auf In Die Schlacht
    Germanen Blut\2006 - Der Zorn des Sturms
    Gernotshagen [Ger] - 2007 - Maere Aus Waeldernen Hallen
    Gestapo 666\2001 - Gestapo of Satan
    Gestapo 666\2004 - Satanic Warmaster Split
    Gestapo 666\2005 - Black Gestapo Metal
    Gimlai (Fa) - 2006 - L'appel De La Nuit Funeste
    Gjallarhorn (Ita) - 2005 - Nordheim
    Gjallarhorn [Fin]\1997 - Ranarop - Call Of The Sea Witch
    Gjallarhorn [Fin]\2000 - Sjofn
    Gjallarhorn [Fin]\2002 - Grimborg
    Glittertind\2002 - Mellom Bakkar Og Berg
    Glittertind\2003 - Evige Asatro
    Glittertind\2005 e.p. - Til Dovre Faller
    Gloria Morti\2004 - Lifestream Corrosion
    Glorior Belli\2005 - O Laudate Dominus
    Goatholocaust\2004 - Vociferian Split - Maitre Bouc
    Goatholocaust\2006 - Satan Jugend
    Goatlord [US]\1991 - Reflections of the Solstice
    Goatvomit666 [UK]\2003 - Demo
    Goatwhore\2000 - The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black
    Goatwhore\2003 - Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun
    Goatwhore\2006 - A haunting curse
    God Dethroned - 2004 - The Lair Of The White Worm [Promo]
    Godless North [Can]\2001 - Summon the Age of Supremacy
    Goetia (Pol)\1998 - Enthroned Upon Dark Skies [demo]
    Goetia\1999 - Wolfthorn
    Goetia\2001 - Hail Satan
    Gontyna Kry\1998 - Welowie
    Gorgoroth\1993 - A Sorcery Written In Blood (Demo 1993 & Promo 1994)
    Gorgoroth\1994 - Pentagram
    Gorgoroth\1996 - Antichrist
    Gorgoroth\1996 - The Last Tormentor
    Gorgoroth\1997 - Under the Sign of Hell
    Gorgoroth\1998 - Destroyer, or About How To Philosophize With The Hammer
    Gorgoroth\2000 - Incipit Satan
    Gorgoroth\2005 - Unter Den Flugeln Von Satan
    Gorgoroth\2006 - Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam
    Grabak\1999 - Der Prophet des Chaos
    Grabak\2001 - Encyclopaedia Infernalis
    Grand Belial's Key\1997 - Mocking the Philanthropist
    Grateful Dead - The Very Best Of (Remastered)
    Grave\1996 - Hating Life
    Grave\2004 - Fiendish Regression
    Graveland\1992 - Promo [June]
    Graveland\1992 - Drunemeton (Demo)
    Graveland\1992 - Necromanteion
    Graveland\1993 - Epilogue (Promo)
    Graveland\1993 - The Celtic Winter
    Graveland\1994 - Carpathian Wolves
    Graveland\1995 - Thousand Swords
    Graveland\1996 - In the Glare of Burning Churches
    Graveland\1997 - Following the Voice of Blood
    Graveland\1999 - Immortal Pride
    Graveland\2000 - Creed Of Iron
    Graveland\2000 - Honor Split - Raiders Of Revenge
    Graveland\2000 - Prawo Stali
    Graveland\2001 - Memory And Destiny
    Graveland\2001 - Raise Your Sword
    Graveland\2002 - A Fire Of Awakening
    Graveland\2002 - Blood Of Heroes
    Graveland\2004 - Dawn of Iron Blades
    Graveland\2005 - Fire Chariot of Destruction
    Graveland\2007 - Will Stronger Than Death
    Graven (Ger)\2000 - Of Misanthropic Spirit
    Graven (Ger)\2001 - Perished And Forgotten
    Graven (Ger)\2005 - The Shadows Eternal Call
    Graveworm \ 1997 - Demo
    Graveworm\1997 - When Daylight's Gone
    Graveworm\1998 e.p. - Underneath The Crescent Moon
    Graveworm\2001 - Scourge Of Malice
    Graveworm\2003 - Engraved In Black
    Graveworm\2005 - (N)Utopia
    Graveworm\2007 - Collateral Defect (Promo)
    Great Vast Forest [Bra]\2002 - Battletales and Songs Of Steel
    Griffar\2002 - Of Witches And Celts
    Grim Forest\2005 - Sombre Decrepitude
    Grim Funeral - 2002 - Spectre Split - A Grim Funeral For Humanity & Coldness In The Howl
    Grim Winter [Can]\2004 - Grim Winter [Demo]
    Grimlair (Fra) - 2006 - L'appel De La Nuit Funeste
    Grimnir - 2005 - Mordgrund Split
    Grivf\2005 - Waves of Depression [demo]
    Gronibard - Belenos va en Norvege
    Guns N' Roses\1993 - The Spaghetti Incident
    Haat\1999 - De Ware Plaag [Demo]
    Hades\1993 - Alone Walkyng
    Hades\1994 - Again Shall Be
    Hades\1997 - The Dawn Of The Dying Sun
    Hades\1999 - Millenium Nocturne
    Hades\2001 - Pulse of decay
    Hagalaz' Runedance\1998 - The Winds That Sang Of Midgard's Fate
    Haine Noire - 2004 - En Attendant Leur Mort
    Haine Noire - 2004 - En Attendant Leur Mort\en attendant leur mort (covers)
    Hakenkreuzzug\2001 - Promo 112
    Halgadom\1999 - Halgadom
    Halgadom\2002 - Verdunkelung Des Gottlichen
    Halgadom\2004 - Frostkrieg-Ahnenland Split EP
    Halgadom\2004 - Sein Und Werden
    Halgadom\No Title
    Hallstatt\2001 - Einsatz Kommando Split
    Hallstatt\2003 - Tyrants of Barbarian Kingdoms
    Har Shatan\2006 - Ancient Evil [demo]
    Harsgathyr\2006 -Ysorex Split - Nordlandkrieger
    Hate Forest\1999 - Scythia
    Hate Forest\2001 - Blood And Fire Ritual
    Hate Forest\2002 - The Most Ancient Ones
    Hate Forest\2003 - Purity
    Hate Forest\2003 - The Gates
    Hate Forest\2003 - To twilight thickets
    Hate Forest\2004 - Battlefields
    Hate Forest\2004 - Resistance
    Hate Forest\2005 - Nietzscheism [compilation]
    Hate Forest\2005 - Sorrow
    Hatebreed\2003 - The Rise of Brutality
    Hawkmoon\2000 - Tome I - A L'Aube Des Puissances
    Hayras - 2006 - Sombre Destin
    Heathen Dawn [Fra]\2002 e.p. - Wasted Land
    Hecate Enthroned\1997-The Slaughter Of Innosence, A Requiem For The Mighty
    Hecate Enthroned\1998-Dark Requiems
    Hecate Enthroned\1999-Kings Of Chaos
    Heiden [Cze]\2005 - Tinne
    Heiden\2004 - Potomkum Pozemskeho Soumraku
    Heidevolk\2004 e.p. - Het Geldersch Volkslied
    Heidevolk\2005 - De Strijdlust is geboren
    Heidevolk\2007 e.p. - Wodan Heerst
    Heimdalls Wacht\2005 - Westf*lischer Schlachtenlarm
    Heimdalls Wacht\2006 - Der Untergang der alten Welt
    Hel [Ger]\1999 - Orloeg
    Hel [Ger]\2004 - Pagan Midgard Art
    Hel [Ger]\2005 - Falland Vorandi
    Hel [Swe]\2000 - Valkyriors Dom
    Hel [Swe]\2001 - Blodspar
    Hel [Swe]\2002 - Bortglomda Tid
    Hel [Swe]\2003 - Det Som Varit AR
    Hel [Swe]\Hel & Ultima Thule - Genom Eld Och Aska
    Heldentum\2003 - Waffenweihe
    Helfahrt\2005 - Aufbruch
    Helfahrt\2006 - Sturmgewalt
    Helheim\1993 - Helheim (Demo)
    Helheim\1994 - Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr
    Helheim\1995 - Jormundgand
    Helheim\1997 - Av Norron Aett
    Helheim\1999 e.p. - Terrorveldet
    Helheim\2000 - Blod og Ild
    Helheim\2003 - Yersinia Pestis
    Helheim\2006 - The Journeys and Experiences of Death
    Hellebaard\2003 - Wodan's Lof Gewijden
    Hellebaard\2004 - Strijdkracht
    Hellebaard\2006 - Valkyrenvlucht
    Hellebaard\2006 - Valkyrenvlucht[Promo]
    Hellishthrone\2004 - The Book of War
    Hellkult - 1999 - Of Pure Heathen Blood [demo]
    Hellkult - 2004 - The Collection
    Hellraiser\Coil - Hellraiser - unreleased soundtrack
    Hellraiser\Coil - Hellraiser Themes
    Hellraiser\Hellraiser I
    Hellraiser\Hellraiser II
    Hellraiser\Hellraiser III - hell on earth
    Hellraiser\Hellraiser IV Bloodline
    Hellraiser\Hellraiser V
    Hellraiser\Hellraiser VI
    Hellveto\1998 - Winterforest [demo]
    Helritt\2005 - Walder (Demo)
    Helritt\2007 - Trotzend dem Niedergang
    Helrunar\2003 - Gratr
    Helrunar\2005 - Frostnacht
    Helrunar\2005 - Nachtmahr Split
    Heol Telwen\2003 - Mor Braz (Demo)
    Heol Telwen\2005 - An Deiz Ruz
    Heorot [Fin]\2005 - Yo Jahti
    Heorot [Fin]\2006 - Aurinkopyora
    Hergorn & Hellveto\2001 - Under The Sign Of Ancient Gods
    Hermh\1996 - Taran
    Hermh\1997 - Angeldemon
    Hermh\2004 - Before the Eden - Awaiting the Fire
    Hermh\2006 - Eden's Fire
    Hetumoger\2002 - Het Avar Alatt [demo]
    Heulend Horn\2003 - The Saga Of The Draugr
    Heulend Horn\2006 - From the Caucasus to Gotland
    Hex Nihilo [Fra]\2006 - Nature Morte
    Heydnblut\2003 - For Tiden Var Buggt... I Gyllene Skylten
    Hildr Valkyrie\2004 - Deceitful Fate
    Himinbjorg\1998 - Where Ravens Fly
    Himinbjorg\2000 - In The Raven's Shadow
    Himinbjorg\2001 - Third
    Himinbjorg\2002 - Haunted Shores
    Himinbjorg\2003 - Golden Age
    Himinbjorg\2005 - Europa
    Hin Onde\1999 - Ahti's Depths (Demo)
    Hin Onde\1999 ep - Fiery September Fire
    Hin Onde\2000 - Songs Of Battle
    Hin Onde\2003 - Shades of Solstice
    Hodur\1997 - Salve Satanas
    Hollenthon-Domus Mundi
    Holmgang\2002 - I Vinterens Fabn
    Holmgang\2003 - Runens advarsel
    Holocaustus\2005 - Odelegger Split
    Hordagaard\2004 - Ravnablod
    Hordagaard\2006 - Anti Human Anti Life
    Hordagaard\2007 - Djeveldyrkar
    Hordak\2005inc[-1,4,5] - War Has Just Begun
    Hordak\2006 - The Last European Wolves
    Hordes Of Loki\2003 - Resurrected Pride Once Lost (Demo)
    Hordes Of Yore\2005 - Of Splendour And Ruin
    Horn of Valere [USA]\2004 - Blood of the Heathen Ancients
    Horn\2003 - Wanderszeit [demo]
    Horn\2004 - Der Forst im Fruehjahr
    Horn\2005 - Jahreszeiten
    Horn\2006 - Die Kraft Der Szenarien
    Horna 2006 - Aania Yossa
    Horna\1996 - Kristuksentappo Treenit Rehearsal
    Horna\1997 - Hiidentorni
    Horna\1998 - unmixed advance tracks for 2nd album
    Horna\1999 - Fog Split
    Horna\1999 - Haudankylmyyden Maille
    Horna\1999 ep - Sota
    Horna\2000 - Horna
    Horna\2000 - Horna\2000 - Hiidentorni + Kohti Yhdeksan Nousua [Horna Disc One]
    Horna\2000 - Horna\2000 - Perima Vihassa Ja Verikostossa & Ordo Regnum Sathanas[Horna Disk Two]
    Horna\2000 - Musta Surma Split [1]
    Horna\2001 - Sudentaival
    Horna\2002 - Musta Surma Split [2]
    Horna\2002 - Risti Ja Ruoska
    Horna\2002 ep - Korpin Hetki
    Horna\2002[bootleg] - Goatguts Over Hengelo
    Horna\2003 - Desolation Triumphalis split ep
    Horna\2003 - Ouroboros Split
    Horna\2004 - Behexen Split
    Horna\2004 - Talismaani
    Horna\2004 - Viha Ja Viikate
    Horna\2004 - Woods Of Infinity Split
    Horna\2005 - Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne
    Horna\2005 - Kerberos live split
    Horna\2005 ep - Blackdeath Split (Ltd.Ed.)
    Horna\2005 ep -Tenebrae in Perpetuum Split
    Horna\2007 - Sacrificia - Mortuorum Split
    Hornagest\Blask Pioruna
    Horned Almighty\2004 - Black Metal Jesus
    Horned Almighty\2004 - In The Year Of Our Horned Lord
    Horned Almighty\2006 - The Devil's Music
    Hrossharsgrani\2000 - ...Of Battles, Ravens And Fire
    Hrossharsgrani\2000-In The Mystic Forest(Demo)
    Hrossharsgrani\2001-The Secret Fire
    Huginn\1999 - The Millennium End
    Huldrefolk\2007 - Eeuwenhout
    Hyadningar\2002 - Hymns of a Forgotten Past
    Hyadningar\2006 - Imminent Useless Soul
    Hymen Of Darkness [Mex]\2006 - Unholy Total Hate Fuck You All
    Hypocrisy\2004 - The Arrival
    Hypocrisy\2005 - Virus
    Hypothermia\2004 - Sjalvdestruktivitet Fodd Av Flonotona Tankegngar [demo]
    Hypothermia\2004 - Suicide Fixation [demo]
    Hypothermia\2005 - Sjalvdestruktivitet Fodd Av Flonotona Tankegngar II - Monoton Negativitet [demo]
    Hypothermia\2005 - Durthang Split - Lead Yourself To Failure
    Hypothermia\2006 - Arkha Sva Split
    Hypothermia\2006 - Kold
    Hypothermia\2006 - Veins
    Hypothermia\2007 - Rakbladsvalsen
    Ic Rex\2004 - Lunar Possession [demo]
    Ignis Aeterni\2005 - Marching Past Death
    Ildhur\2005 - The Wandering
    Ildjarn\1993 - Minnesjord (Demo II)
    Ildjarn\1995 - Det Frysende Nordariket
    Ildjarn\1995 - Ildjarn
    Ildjarn\1996 - Forest Poetry
    Ildjarn\1996 - Ildjarn-Nidhogg - Svartfrad
    Ildjarn\1996 - Strength & Anger
    Ildjarn\2001- Son Of The Northstar
    Ildjarn\2002 - 1992-1995
    Ildjarn\2003- Ildjarn & Nidhogg - Norse
    Ildjarn\2004 - Nocturnal Visions
    Ildjarn\Burzum split
    Immortal Hammer\2002 - V Znameni Perunovho Kruhu
    Immortal\1990 - The Northern Upins Death (Demo)
    Immortal\1991 - Suffocate (Demo)
    Immortal\1991 e.p. - Unholy Forces Of Evil
    Immortal\1992 - Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
    Immortal\1993 - Pure Holocaust
    Immortal\1995 - Battles in the North
    Immortal\1997 - Blizzard Beasts
    Immortal\1999 - At the Heart of Winter
    Immortal\2000 - Damned in Black
    Immortal\2002 - Sons Of Northern Darkness
    Impaled Nazarene\1992 - Goat Perversion
    Impaled Nazarene\1992 - Sadogoat
    Impaled Nazarene\1993 - Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (+ Taog Eht Fo Htao Eht(Demo 2))
    Impaled Nazarene\1993 - Ugra-Karma
    Impaled Nazarene\1994 - Suomi Finland Perkele
    Impaled Nazarene\2003 - All that you fear
    Impaled Nazarene\2006 - Pro Patria Finlandia
    Impending Doom [Ger]\1998 - Signum of Hate
    Impending Doom [Ger]\2003 - Beyond the Altar of Obscurity [compilation]CD1
    Impending Doom [Ger]\2003 - Beyond the Altar of Obscurity [compilation]CD2
    Impending Doom\2001 - Apocalypse III-The Manifested Purgatorium
    Imperium Dekadenz\2006 - ...Und Die Welt Ward Kalt Und Leer
    Imperium Frost\2002 - Battles of the Prussian Lands
    Imperium Frost\2006 - Antichristian Flame
    Impiety\1996 - Asateerul Awaleen
    Impious Havoc\2006 - Dawn of Nothing
    In Battle\1997 - In Battle
    In Battle\1998 - The Rage Of The Northmen
    In Flames\1994 - Lunar Strain
    In Flames\1996 - The Jester Race
    In Flames\1997 - Whoracle
    In Flames\1999 - C.o.l.o.n.y
    In Flames\2000 - Clayman
    In Flames\2001 - The Tokyo Showdown [live]
    In Flames\2002 - Reroute To Remain
    In Flames\2004 - Soundtrack To Your Escape
    In The Woods\1995 - Heart Of The Ages
    In The Woods\1996 - A Return To The Isle Of Men
    In The Woods\1997 - Omnio
    In The Woods\2000 - Epitaph
    In The Woods\2000 - Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage [compilation]
    Incantation\1990 - Entrantment Of Evil
    Incantation\1991 - Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies
    Incantation\1992 - Onward to Golgotha
    Incantation\1994 - mortal throne of nazarene
    Incantation\1997 - Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish
    Incantation\1997 - Tribute to the Goat [live]
    Incantation\1998 - Diabolical Conquest
    Incantation\2000 - The Infernal Storm
    Incantation\2002 - Blasphemy
    Incantation\2004 - Decimate christendom
    Incest [2005]\Satan Is Real [demo]
    Inferi (Fin)(ex-Vulture (Fin)\1995 - Inferi
    Inferi (Fin)(ex-Vulture (Fin)\2003 - Slow Decay
    Inferi (Fin)(ex-Vulture (Fin)\2006 - Shores Of Sorrow
    Infliction\2002 - The Faint Smell Of Suicide
    Inner Helvete [Por]\2002 - Total Bloodshedding Devastation
    Insignium\2005 - In Die Abgrunde
    Instinct\2006 - Instinct
    Iron Butterfly\1968[1] - Heavy
    Iron Butterfly\1968[2] - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
    Iron Butterfly\1969 - Ball
    Iron Butterfly\1970[1] - Live
    Iron Butterfly\1970[2] - Metamorphosis
    Iron Butterfly\1975 - Scorching Beauty
    Iron Butterfly\1976 - Sun And Steel
    Iron Eagle - 2005 - Sieg Heil
    Irrbloss\2007 - Hymns [demo]
    Isafjord\1998 - The Unseen Passage
    Isegrim\2000 - Dominus Inferus Ushanas
    Isegrim\2000 e.p. - A Tribute To Venom
    Isegrim\2001 - Gloria Deo Domino Inferi
    Isenburg\2004 - Erzgebirge
    Isengard [Swe] - 2001 - Crownless Majesty
    Isengard\1994 - Vinterskugge [compilation]
    Isengard\1995 - Hostmorke
    islandic bands
    Isvind\1994 - Demos - Herskerinnen & Nivelheimen
    Isvind\1996 - Dark Water Stir
    Isvind\1996 - Muspellz Sonir
    Isvind\2004 - Orcrist Split
    Iuvenes [Pol]\2000 - Empire Of Iuvenes\Empire Of Wolfish Calls (demo 1996)
    Iuvenes [Pol]\2000 - Empire Of Iuvenes\Sons Of Mayhem (demo 1997)
    Iuvenes [Pol]\2000 - Riddle Of Steel
    Iuvenes [Pol]\2002 - When Heroes Will Rise
    Iuvenes [Pol]\2003 - Leviathan Split
    Iuvenes [Pol]\2005 - Toward Sources of Honour and Pride
    Iuvenes [Pol]\2006 e.p. - Triumph of the Will
    Jefferson Airplane\1966 - Takes Off
    Jefferson Airplane\1967 - Surrealistic Pillow
    Jefferson Airplane\1967[2] - After Bathing At Baxter's
    Jefferson Airplane\1968- Crown Of Creation
    Jefferson Airplane\1969 - Bless Its

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    You have King Diamond but no Mercyful Fate Surt?

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    Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
    bahaha spotted it mate! [8D] like i said the list aint complete at all i have all the merciful fate as i have ie the whole motorhead not just inferno! [}] u know i have 500 original and licenced cds, 300 non licenced cds and i believe, 500-600 cd with mp3 on them - i didnt used dvds for storing them cos i listened to them on the mp3 discman listening 8 hs a day the list is by 2007 as u might notice by the lattest albums years... now i dont dl that many and havent bought not a cd since 2005 when i got the net soon i plan to buy 1TB hard disc and put my all collection there, so i could make a complete improved updated list, named 'my screams' btw [] the same situation with 'my visions' - the huge 3500 entries list... but just about 60% full [V]

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    Man that is a comprehensive collection, do you think 1 TB will be enough?

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    Back to COG. Just got "12 years with you" . So far it is brilliant. One of my other COG cd's is stuck in the cd player in the ute- cd player died and won't give it back

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    quote:Originally posted by Elapid

    Back to COG. Just got "12 years with you" . So far it is brilliant. One of my other COG cd's is stuck in the cd player in the ute- cd player died and won't give it back
    Cool, I heard they were releasing a live album.

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