• JUNE 2014 SFOTM (ASF Streetfighter of the month) - VOTE!

      Welcome to the JUNE 2014 ASF Streetfighter of the month poll. These bikes were submitted in June, and now it's time to choose one of these great bikes to be Streetfighter of the month.

      Please place one vote for the bike of your choice above by clicking the selector above the photo then clicking VOTE at the bottom. The voting is open to ANY visitors to this page, but you only get one vote - so make it count!

      This month's winner will be the bike with the most votes by the end of the month and will be entered into the Streetfighter of the year poll at the end of the year, plus be entered into next years ASF calendar (all going to plan) plus a few more features for the winning ASF member.

      As always; No offence to the guys that didn't get their bikes into the 4 drawn this month, it's always hard and stresseful. trust me, you don't want the job if doing it.

      Happy voting!

      To place your vote now please visit the voting topic: http://www.streetfighters.com.au/for...he-month)-VOTE
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      Deano injected his turbo bandit engine. Autronic ECU ... exy but with great results.
      I have read of people converting oil cooled GSXR's with late

      Any one capable of one of Fuel injection

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      welcome mick

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      Yip still has h head with castings
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      Any one capable of one of Fuel injection

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