• Internet Explorer problem.

      Hey guys, I'm short on time so I can't look into the fix just now, but a few people have been emailing me about issues with not being able to see the log in boxes at the top right of the screen.

      Unsurprisingly it seems to be an Internet Explorer problem (especially IE 8) so if you're using that 'wonderful' browser and having the same problem here is the reason.

      The browser does not like the CSS layout and is rendering it incorrectly (yea yea jargon) so what you are getting is the log in details being thrown over the the extreme right, right off of the main page. It means you have an extra scroll bar at the base of your page. Scroll over so you can see the extreme right and there will be the log in boxes.

      I will get this fixed ASAP but this is the fast answer to any problems at the moment.

      Cheers guys.
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      1. xa-mont's Avatar
        xa-mont -
        just stop using the gayest browser in the universe and get something better.
      1. Gix11's Avatar
        Gix11 -
        Amen brother.
      1. Yella's Avatar
        Yella -
        changed over to firefox yesterday and all is good
      1. xa-mont's Avatar
        xa-mont -
        chromes better...
      1. sen's Avatar
        sen -
        Title should be "Problem: People are still using Internet Explorer"
      1. sen's Avatar
        sen -
        Oh and for those that don't know what we're on about, if you use Internet Explorer, switch to one of these instead... they're both countless times faster, more secure (you'll get less viruses), and are all-round better:

        Google Chrome: http://www.google.com/chrome

        Mozilla Firefox: http://www.mozilla.org/
      1. xa-mont's Avatar
        xa-mont -
        that being said though... IE9 is actually not so bad (user interface wise)... they did pretty much copy chrome though (so did firefox 4)
      1. wackyrider's Avatar
        wackyrider -
        I used to use Firefox, now using Chrome. My work laptop was still using IE... until this morning that is. Gave me the shits and now using Chrome as well.
      1. Gix11's Avatar
        Gix11 -
        I use them all with my job - all 4 big ones open all the time, apart from IE, that's only for testing reasons. Opera isn't bad but the controls can do your head in if you're used to Firefox or Chrome.
      1. Large's Avatar
        Large -
        I use "Large Open View" and it's the fucking berries!
      1. Jockney Rebel's Avatar
        Jockney Rebel -
        i use google works fine
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