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      Right back on to the wench

      so season is back on again starting last month with westdale rock run by the jokers MC is always a good event plenty of bike and competition but not a lot of track time , only getting 5 runs in for the day and having never used the paddle I was unsure on how it would go , first run out I took it easy seeing checking the track and seeing how the tyre went with speed , all was good so I lined up for a practice run , with the mx tyre it launched easy with WOT in 2nd so I tried that at first and this was a no too much grip combined with larger rolling diameter maybe but it just about stalled her on the line

      first qualifier was 1st gear but not game to go WOT in fear of a flip or something but instead she went sideways heading for the wall but still managed to hunt down the Harley

      next run after being told to harden up and told that more throttle so she can cut her own line not run someone elses I went for it and what do ya know she hooks up well and farks off quick that paddle is awesome

      third qualifier was a shitty run on my behalf getting flogged by a gixxer 1100 water job but shit happens , some good ruts in the start line but that usually aids in a good leave but don't know maybe im just too slow

      so last run was knock out and I ran against class winner and he just left me behind but she has got some go that thing putting me on the trailer and sending me home

      but I was happy last time at the track there it ran 9.5 at 75mph and this time I went 8.9 at 77mph so not much in the top end speed but im definitely getting off the line faster the paddle was impressive but was still getting use to it

      couple of other vids from the weekend

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        Nice ,looks like fun, great vids
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