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      Some people did not have current email addresses in their profiles, so for those that didn't receive the email, please have a read of it here:

      Hey all you Streetfighter types. Missed ASF much over the last few days? Well, we're back - bigger, better and stronger than ever.


      We changed absolutely everything so it's going to be a bit bloody groovy when you first get back into it.

      We've changed the entire forum software, added all the new features which this allows us, and we even added a shopping cart that should grow with some great products we have lined up over the next few months.


      Like all things big moves in your life, things get dropped and lost along the way. In our case we have lost ALL old passwords due to the nature of the old forum. This means that everybody will have to reset their passwords. Don't stress, it's easy. here's what you do:

      Click this link: http://www.streetfighters.com.au/login.php?do=lostpw and enter your email address and the code in the box.

      Simple hey?

      You'll get a few emails backwards and forwards to the email address you typed in and before you know it you're back in. You can change your password to whatever you want once you are logged in with the new temporary one, but remember, it's always good to change your password for security reasons so it won't hurt to try a new one!


      One thing that this new forum discovered is that a lot of members had signed up multiple times with the same email address. It didn't like it because email addresses should be unique to users. As a consequence, anybody who has signed up more than once on the forum using the same email address will get access to the first account they signed up with.

      For example, if you signed up as STREETFIGHTER on your first visit, then you lost your password and/or forgot everything on your next visit and signed up again as STREETFIGHTER2 with the same email address, then your primary account is going to be STREETFIGHTER (the first one). This will mean post counts will be wrong and probably a few other things but let me know and I can adjust all that if necessary.

      Another thing you may notice is some lack of signatures or privileges. I'd love to say that I know exactly what they are but the new system and our friend Callan (Sen on the forum) has assigned different levels to different memberships, so you'll soon work out what is going on.

      You have a million and one options within your user control panel now so have a play and customise your profile as you wish.


      You may also notice that the forum hasn't been touched for 3 weeks or more. That's because I'm a bell end and imported the wrong database, but hey, whats 3 weeks out of 10 years? We still have the main bulk of Streetfighter building info from the start of ASF onwards, so nothing to worry about.


      I'm sure there will be lots of questions and thiungs that need fixing up but think of it as a new adventure and post up any question so that we can answer everybody at the same time. ...and above all - ENJOY THE NEW WEBSITE!

      All the best

      Si (Gix11)
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      1. coxie's Avatar
        coxie -
        Hey Si, The new site looks great. The same but different!? Well Done
      1. Gix11's Avatar
        Gix11 -
        Cheers mate, that was the plan.
      1. RevHead's Avatar
        RevHead -
        learning is nice ,,good job ,si
      1. wackyrider's Avatar
        wackyrider -
        Well done mate.
      1. Swordsy's Avatar
        Swordsy -
        Looking good! Are you going to look at using the vBulletin chat feature?
      1. Gix11's Avatar
        Gix11 -
        Errr, .....yes. What's that? You forum whores. Tell me more and i'll sort it.
      1. Swordsy's Avatar
        Swordsy -
        Used it on other forums, no idea how to set it up etc. most forums have it limited to donating members
      1. Gix11's Avatar
        Gix11 -
        Ok, I'm looking into it now...
      1. fimpBIKES's Avatar
        fimpBIKES -
        good work gix
        not sure what u did but i fkn love it!!!!!
      1. WarHound's Avatar
        WarHound -
        Very Slick !!!
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      Shit if we had to move all of those beemers we'd still be there!
      How you didn't let a bit of poo out I'll never know, I nearly poo'd watching you!

      Nfr 2018

      Nudie Today, 04:32 AM Go to last post

      Don't think the gravel is an optional extra. It comes as standard.

      Nfr 2018

      Weaselman Yesterday, 10:03 PM Go to last post

      Nudie, you wheelie better than the rest of us.
      And we needed you to move the poorly parked other beemers outta the way.
      I cant wait for next

      Nfr 2018

      hooligan Yesterday, 05:30 PM Go to last post

      Haha yes no fighter at the mo. I wouldn't call the scrapper a fighter. If he does tart it up I'll definitely get pics.
      I'm conflicted regarding

      2003 Hayabusa 'fighter

      Nudie Yesterday, 04:07 PM Go to last post

      Thanks to everyone involved. As Luke said the weather was fantastic, the roads as usual were awesome and the company was as fucked up as it usually is!

      Nfr 2018

      Nudie Yesterday, 03:58 PM Go to last post

      What a great weekend. Top roads, great weather and great people. My match fitness is pretty poor and it showed in my flaking out Saturday night again.

      Nfr 2018

      LKC73 Yesterday, 05:10 AM Go to last post

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