• JULY 2013 SFOTM (ASF Streetfighter of the month) - Nominate Now

      If you would like your bike to be entered in the JULY 2013 Streetfighter of the month poll, please add any photos below. We will choose 4 bikes for the month and try to make them on an even level of build cost or expertise. If your bike does not make it this month it may well roll into next months if the category suits more. The majority of enteries will determine the category list.

      • The photo must be of your currently owned motorcycle
      • The motorcycle must be owned by you at the date of submission of the photo (a bike sale should not be affected by the running of this nomination)
      • The motorcycle can be built / modified by yourself or a professional BUT must have at least some input by yourself into the build (i.e. you didn't buy the bike EXACTLY as it is and have just polished it.)
      • Photo should be taken during the month of nomination / submission (one month prior to voting) to get people off their arses and into the shed etc. Any proof of date should be photographed in case of dispute by other nominees.


      The winner of each month will be awarded the bragging rights of being the first photo on the main banner of the ASF website, plus, if they will get "STREETFIGHTER OF THE MONTH" under their forum username in each post, plus they will go into the Streetfighter of the Year poll at the end of the year, PLUS they will be entered into the month they win for the ASF Calendar next year (if all goes to plan).

      REMEMBER: ** Just because you've entered before, doesn't mean you can't enter again! Bikes are chosen in brackets each month (i.e. closely linked in one way or another) based on the volume we receive. This could be the month when we chose your category of bike, so enter it again if it didn't win last time! **

      If that has confused you, ask away....

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      Hello from England

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