The rise of Felix the fixture table....

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Felix the fixture table is still growing but soon he will be firm and strong. He is the bastard child sprung into life when Larry the lift defiled the lovely and sturdy Jenny the jig table. Some said thier love would never work but like any good breeder I am working all out to see thier progeny bloom.

So lets meet the family

This is Larry, when I found him he was in such a bad way his last owners where sadly shiping him off to the great scrap yard in the sky. I dont blame them he had lived a long life in the room we refer to as death. It was in the room of death surounded by acid he lifted up to 2 ton of stock day in day out till he suffered two broken legs..Even tho he was a thoroughbred I still wondered if even I could mend him.

I had to import dna for Jenny but this is close to her. Her exact form is a closely guarded secret passed down from master to padawan.

To be honest I have had this idea in my head for a few years. It is a combination of a few ideas and some of the work I have done in the past.

The start was the Zephyr 550 I was working on years ago.

It really struck me the the abilty to hold a bike solidly idexed in place and be able to adjust the hight in four axis's combined a datum center line would be a god sent.

One of the next jobs was a swing arm jig.



Leasons learnt, as well as this works it only can do one style of job but takes up a lot of space ( I dont have to much ). Even tho it breaks down and stores away it is a pain in the arse. Another leason was it can never be to sturdy and simple is best.

One other thing was that when helping out on a few bikes I really found than when a bike was on a table it was very difficult to view aesthetics (angles and kines etc ) unless you are standing at the same hight as the bike.

As they oftern say this is where the plot thickens. In a case of not what but who you know I was given the chance to work on a really cool bike.


Ex nitro harly chassis being converted to run a kwaka gpz based 1503cc supercharged mechincal injected motor on methanol with the head turned around so that the charger sits out the front. Peter the new ower of this bike kindly took a chance on someone with very little experiance ( almost zero ). As I have to cut the whole back end off to instal axel adjusters it seemed the right time to put Felix into life and test some of the ideas I have.

The build


Boss's welded to the outside of the arms to fix the shaft and hole wear, Still working on the hydulic ram and havent even looked at the electrics yet.

Top ready for its chop as Im only kept the mounting pionts

Short back and sides......

Just a bit of off cuts....

Shane hard at it welding the new frame around the cut down lift top. I used 100x50x5mm rhs rails

$500 worth of structural steel ( not mild but 350 first step under wear plate but if i ever do again Ill pay the extra :-( ).

4 hours later with the neddle gun the mill scale was ready to buff off ( heance why I wish I paid extra, no mill scale )

At the moment I havent taken any pictures but I started with 25 grit on a air buff then 40,60,80,120 on a std 6" orbital. Much happy with the result I am. I have started marking out the grid of 75x75mm (my mind will soon explode ) as I have over 400 1/2 unc taped holes to drill and tap by hand...... OMG I truly think im mental.
If there is intrest ill continue the pictures and blog

Update 30/07/14
work contiues...... This instailment felix flexs some mussels
Im tring to deside if felix will end up being the: operating table/operation table or the lab bench/lab table. While this question and lesser frivolous details like waiting for the industral multi pin electrical conector (alowing me to disconect power and signal while the unit is static) so I can finish the top (needs areas fabicated for conector before top plate and top frame can be joined) I might as well bring this up to date....

4-6 hours to sand to this finish then the same again to mark and scribe


408 x 1/2 unc holes to be drilled (std mill clamp kit size)
2 x m8 fine holes to be drilled ( center line datum each end )

made one of these


each 1/2 unc thread was piolt drilled, drilled at tapping size, counter sunk and then tapped all with a pistol drill. I use rocal for all the drilling but then treferlex with the counter sinking and tapping. I used the same 1/8 piolt, 10.8 drill, contersinking tool and tapp for the whole job....

start with a few


few more


27 hours later done..... thank fuck for that..... and yes that is just to drill and tap the fucking holes......


close up because its cool and shows the coolness of our hydroblaster..


time for some base love.... The pallet lift this unit is canniblized from is designed to sit flush on the floor. I was willing to sacrifice the 20mm to 25 mm hight gain by instailing machine feet. That still left me with the problem of up to 2.5 ton partly moveing along the flat side of 6mm thick angle.. What to do, well we super size that fucker thats what we do.

up my beauty


Ill let you work out what happened but that is 12mm, 10mm, 8mm bar and plate, with 20mm thread machine feet.




I have some of the best mates in the world and they know who they are but a big shout out to my mate shane who comes over and helps me when he can..

Here he is in his own time, on his own welder, useing his own gas all after doing this exact same job all day as a boiler maker. Apartently fitters cant weld. I tho think I weld quite well even tho it was nearly 20yrs ago that I was a fitter before turning to plumbing. There was no argument I happly drank burbon as he did all the easy work...


I couldnt help myself..

next instailment work continues on the top...


update 17/08/14

Well boys and girls looks like stage one is complete, table is set in a static position. That is enough for now to allow me to start and complete the modifications to the drag bike build. Truefully there isnt much to tell other than the 6p rule holds true ( prior planing prevents piss poor peformances). The finish of this stage of the project was three days of hard graft but it was almost obseen how easy it came together. From the very begining I designed with the consideration that every thing had to be able to be moved and asemebled single handed or with a max of two poeple. As anyone that has worked with heavier machinery can tell you it isnt always the most pleasent experiance when things dont go well and when things go bad it is down right dangerous. The 300kg mark was picked for indervidual pieces as that is the limit of lift table I have but more importantly about what is still comfortable to still maneuver. Even I was surprized at how well it all came together and both shane and I were giggling like school children, well I was anyway shane was just happy no one died.... sook. If I ever had the money, time and inclination to do this again I would make some improvments and less concessions but to say Im not stoked at the out come would be folly. Some alone time has been had and the unit is now lubed up spesh like ready for work to begin. In the coments section Im taking a vote on the name... operation table, operation bench, lab table or lab bench. Hope you enjoied my pain and if there is still intrest I will continue covering the drag bike build, some feed back on weather people like the blog or the std build thread would be nice.

base into position, mind you this angle is already getting on my nerves and may well change....


nice and convenient to have all those holes to help secure top to frame... who knew...(note the cut out for the removable 3 phase and signal conector that cost wait for it close to $300 alone ouch )


some of this...


some cutting and more hot glue.....


shane had minion yellow on soooooo.....


do you pray... lets hope I measured twice and only need to cut once......


fuck I must have gotten something right


now let the real fun can begin


Big thanks the all the people involoved, it helps when you have good mates and a reason to shoot them a beer or two.... anymore than that they can buy thier fucking own tho.....

like I said coment on the vote for a name and weather you lot want a build thread or another blog for the drag bike build... oh whats that lynton you are going to learn mechanical injection and build the fuel system yourself.... that sounds cool.....

good night and remeber in the eyes of jesus you all cunts...

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  1. Mishdog20's Avatar
    Jesus Lynton, i don't envy the drilling you have ahead of you mate...king oath you need to continue the blog, and with bulk pictures...
  2. ozzy1100's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Mishdog20;bt121]Jesus Lynton, i don't envy the drilling you have ahead of you mate...king oath you need to continue the blog, and with bulk pictures...[/QUOTE]

    might turn it into a build thread, looks like this blog thing sux more arse than rod on a summer holiday......
    holes dont fucking tell me about holes, 5 hrs yesterday just to drill the pilots and have just come inside after 1 1/2 hrs drilling the sized holes
    rsi I tell you and with no happy ending not fucking happy but fuck it looks sexy lol
  3. BANDITROD's Avatar
    Oi I don't suck just anyone's arse only mishdogs thank you very much haha
  4. ozzy1100's Avatar
    [QUOTE=BANDITROD;bt123]Oi I don't suck just anyone's arse only mishdogs thank you very much haha[/QUOTE]

    seletive thats why you are the king master blaster lol
  5. Gix11's Avatar
    Nice work Lynton.
  6. DCRacing's Avatar
    Top Stuff Lynton!!!
  7. Gitzy's Avatar
    Nice one Lynton, now I've used the demmeler table and seen felix Id love to make one similar on a smaller scale. Is it cheating If I use a magnetic drill? .. bugger that pistol drill your mental for using that..
  8. ozzy1100's Avatar
    mag drill will work but if you want to use anything less than m14 (12mm smallest brouch) you need to use one with a chuck. I wanted 1/2unc because it matches std milling clamp kits so that meant a 10.8 drill size. U still need to do something with tapping ( you could test tapping in mag drill ) and to be honest you wont really save any time because you will have to finish every hole before moveing ( I like putting one drill etc in and going till I get sick of it saves time ). I have a second piece of bizaloy 400 at 25mm I want to make into a smaller fixed table useing the same lay out so any tooling can be used between the two. For that one Im hoping I can fit in into the mill but still have the problem of almost 300kg on the mill table. If that dont work Ill be forced to do it your way with a mag drill ( Ill be fucked if Im hand doing 25mm biz 400!!!! )
    In your case probly comes down to what thickness plate you want ( allow up to $500 for some decent plate ), number of holes and what sizing you are chasing.
    Btw I dont own a mag drill.... tho I do own a slightly used pistol drill
    other option is pay someone else to drill it for you lol
  9. Gix11's Avatar
    What Rod said. Definitely blog the shit out of everything!
  10. ozzy1100's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Gix11;bt129]What Rod said. Definitely blog the shit out of everything![/QUOTE]

    the master has spoken... done...
  11. Mishdog20's Avatar
    [QUOTE=BANDITROD;bt123]Oi I don't suck just anyone's arse only mishdogs thank you very much haha[/QUOTE]

    Damn you get me hard Roidney