"The XTMUZ OK I'M BOARD Ride" Jibber and Some Piccies..

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Went for a spin today with Shane (xtmuz), Dan (Big Dan) and Matt (Suzuki Fighter) and a few other non members, all top blokes .

It was a nice overcast day with not much sun beating down on us which was good for the temperature side of things and not a drop of rain which made for good riding weather in my book..

Starting off with a Mayfield BP meet up and intros all round, we had My TL, a TL Fighter, VTR Firestorm, VTR SP1, 2 x Buells, Big Dans Big14 broke up the twin domination and Shane's TTR 600 brought it on for the Singles and let me tell you that thing is no Slouch with me having spent the whole ride trying to keep up with my very soft pace.

So off we went for a leisurely cruise along Newcastle and Merewether Beaches to check out the exercising hotties running up the hill which offered quite the distraction, onwards through Swansea and Belmont turning onto Yarramalong Rd and picking up a whole lot more speed which the TLS' awesome rear suspension didn't like one bit bouncing all over the place.

Things smoothed out when I tried my hardest but mainly hung back with a the SP1 in chase mode through the hills on the Great North Road, that was lots of fun with the two twins howling off the walls onwards to the Wollombi pub for a refreshment..

After a chat and watching a bit of a scuffle from a disgruntled Triumph Sprint GT rider who got rounded up by a spankers new set of Ducati Multristradas and was none to pleased about it, we called it a day and went our separate ways..

Well Dan and Matt went home to more liquidfication and Muz went back to my shed to continue the chatter .

Overall was a top day with some Top Mates.

Cheers Lads.

Here are a few Pics of some motobicycles

VTR vs TLS Battle of the twins.. I was rather surprised to see a VTR in such exceptional condition sporting the same Yoshis as me..

Matts TL1000S Fighter..

I love my Clutch Cover and Pressure plate..

Big Dan's new Paint job.. Looks Awesome in the sun..

The Worlds tidiest 14 year old TTR600, if you think Shane's XT500 is clean you should have a close look at this thing..

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  1. Gix11's Avatar
    Nice write up Gitzy. Love the photos. How tidy is that TTR!!
  2. Gitzy's Avatar
    Cheers Si, Yeah its a very clean machine Shane's attention to detail is damn good.