1. Soup kitchen 001

    We are the kawasaki soup nazi's.......
    A loosely fashioned co-op between two friends..

    In one corner is the great unwashed.. Scotty Lynch of rapid motion..
    A man who believes a bourbon bottle is a transportation device and not
    one of containment...... he is the littlest caveman ,a man that has never seen a hair cut or a shaver..

    In the other corner is well me, lynton

    What we have here is the first full blown cook up in my ever evolving kitchen... ...
  2. The rise of Felix the fixture table....

    Felix the fixture table is still growing but soon he will be firm and strong. He is the bastard child sprung into life when Larry the lift defiled the lovely and sturdy Jenny the jig table. Some said thier love would never work but like any good breeder I am working all out to see thier progeny bloom.

    So lets meet the family

    This is Larry, when I found him he was in such a bad way his last owners where sadly shiping him off to the great scrap yard in the ...

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