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  1. Gix11's Avatar
    Ah, missed this reply. I'll check over the weekend...
  2. El_Hefty's Avatar
    It did if it was required to meet and pass military specs or for medical use but for layman no ive seen and tested loctite over the years similar to what you describeno labels looking older than moses , as long as the loctite is still liquid and hasnt thickened or been contaminted it should be fine.

    What colour is it Si and how viscous and ill try identifying it . Apart from the label and the manufacturing batch there are no identifiers on the bottle.

    I still have stuff here that would easily be 20 years old
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    Here's a stupid one. What's the shelf life of Loctite? I have some in the shed that's covered in shit so I can't read any dates etc (if it had any). Does it have a shelf life?