Wolf Racing
08-04-2007, 10:05 AM
Hey everyone,

Block out next SATURDAY 14 APRIL for the next STREETBIKE SHOOTOUT.

Gates open at 1 to 1:30pm. Cost is $45 for as many runs as you can fit in AND, that gets you FREE ENTRY to race in the STREET MEET races.
You can come out and improve your braggin rights with your mates.

Who's got the fastest 600, 750, 1000, Busa or Kawa? Who's got the best street registered mph?

Come out and see. Better still, come out and set it.

Get better each pass and go home without a ticket.

No training school this one due to the Sunstate Nationals being run in Mackay.

It'll be a another great day with prizes on hand:

[:0]$100 cash for quickest street registered 60ft
[:p]2 cans Motul Factory Line Chain Oil (value $60) for quickest street registered pass, non ANDRA license.
:D2 cans Motul Factory Line Chain Oil (value $60) for quickest pass, ANDRA License.
:)Free Dyno run at LAE Racing (value $150) for random picked rider

Tell ya mates, tell the bike shops, tell granny, and get them to the track for one of the best ride days around.

The continuation of these days is up to us keeping the numbers up.

Thanks to all of you who continue to support these days. They are for us bikers top get together and do what we do best, have fun, bench race and ride hard!

Ali (Wolf) will be there if you need anything. She'll be in the Tower.

See ya there.

Dave Wolf and Alex Buxton
Wolf racing Power Products and LAE Racing.
Proud Supporters of the Willowbank Streetbike Shootouts.